New M Performance Additions Unveiled for Revamped BMW 4 Series

BMW offers optional carbon fiber grille surround, no images yet.

In conjunction with the unveiling of the latest BMW 4 Series, Munich has also disclosed information on their customary M Performance Parts lineup, which has become a standard feature for almost every new model. Fortunately, there are numerous additional options offered, including enhancements to the wheels, interior accents, front grille, rear diffuser, and exhaust system. However, BMW has only released images showcasing the rear components. Upon inquiry into the reason for this, we were informed that BMW USA is uncertain which parts, if any, will be accessible in the US market.

We will begin with the rear of the vehicle and progress towards the front.

In the space between the two exhaust openings, there lies a carbon fiber diffuser trim element. On the top of the trunk rests a carbon fiber Gurney lip spoiler, but these are not just any M Performance Parts. These components are actually part of the M Carbon exterior package, which also includes mirror caps and inserts for the outer air intakes. It should be noted that the diffuser element is only available for M Performance models exclusively.

Included in the M Performance Parts (MPP) lineup is a collection of 20-inch forged wheels, giving the car an added touch of style. Additionally, carbon fiber door sills and decals provide further individuality to the vehicle. It should also be noted that the canards and mirror caps featured on the pre-facelift version of the 4 Series are also observable on this particular model.

BMW is now offering a front grille surround made from carbon fiber, although no images have been released by the company. It is believed to be identical to the version before the Life Cycle Impulse, so we have included pictures of the M Performance Parts (MPP) updates for the years 2021-2024 below.

Sadly, the cost of the 2024 model has yet to be disclosed, and even though the builder for this version is still active, it does not display the M Performance Parts. However, the M440i does offer the M Carbon exterior package for $2,900 which features mirror covers, a rear spoiler, side air inlets, and a rear diffuser insert.

Maybe the wheels, outer embellishments, and internal enhancements – featuring M Performance seat backs made of Alcantara and carbon fiber – will be visible once the 2025 configuration tool is launched. However, as stated earlier, it’s possible that we won’t have any details at all. For now, the updated 4 Series appears quite impressive on its own.

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