New Nissan Z Nismo: Redesigned Grille Unveiled

Nismo Z Prototype Shows Amended Design in AZ.

Last year, upon the debut of the newly-minted Nissan Z, some conveyed dissatisfaction at the Japanese sports car as nothing more than a 370Z with an altered appearance and motor. Criticism likewise emerged based on the grille pattern which was essentially a remarkably large rectangle.

Nissan seemingly seems to have grabbed hold of one jab that’s been thrown their way with the unveiling of their in-the-works Nismo edition Nissan Z. Reportedly, an original pattern was noticed while a test drive was being conducted within Oro Valley, AZ, which is equipped with a distinctly restructured grille and bumper. This prototype suffices as a hint highlighting what the Nissan Z’s Nismo Edition very likely will appear like by the time it reaches full-scale production.

It was back in December 2022 when our sister automotive website, TopSpeed, reported that in the near future a Nismo Edition could be expected following spy shots being revealed. Although these prototypes had the same Rectangular design as the end product, extensive camouflaging did not allow it to be extensively studied. In addition, this new edition is likely to potentially offer better wheels, tyres, suspension tuning and more potent power output, similar to the pre-existing Nismo 370Z.

Recent espionage photographs, while still mostly concealed, indicate that the grille design will be much broader and more aggressive than usual for a Nissan Z. While no confirmation has yet been given by Nissan regarding the Nismo variant, we are eagerly awaiting the full-scale production version to properly view the alterations made by the manufacturer.

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