Nissan Shows Off Redesigned Nismo Z Grille

Nissan Nismo Z: Sneak Peek & Updated Design

The moment fans of Nissan have been awaiting is finally upon us, as the company recently released a short video highlighting the much-anticipated Nismo edition of the Z model. Speculation has been stirred among lovers of Nissan for some time now regarding the upcoming sports car, and this fresh footage quells any remaining uncertainty.

Whilst the most noticeable variation from the traditional Nissan Z is a sleeker front grille, an attentive eye can detect even more when glancing at the teaser image.

There’s a new NISMO in town - Introducing the Nissan NISMO Z

Recently, we gave the Nismo Z a test drive in Arizona, while it was still covered in camouflage. This allowed us to get a general notion of what the production model would eventually appear like. For some time, the primary quibble with the plain Nissan Z has been its clunky, rectangular grille design. It looks as if Nissan took these criticisms into account, since it is one of the prime and most distinguishable transformations made for the new model. Although personal preference plays an integral role, this new grille provides a much sleeker look than that of the basic car.

Beyond the grilles, there are myriad different alterations demonstrated in the video. Atop of these is a pair of custom-made red and black Recaro racing seats with two large Nismo badges on the front and rear, both radiating a glossy black shade.

The back diffuser is far more dynamic, featuring bolder corners as it blends into the wheel arches. Additionally, a vibrant red stripe around its lower half boosts the intensity. Meanwhile, fresh, dark alloy wheels provide a modern aesthetic.

If the prior Nismo 370Z is any indication, this new version might also boast an upgraded suspension and possibly even a boost in power. We’re excited to hear full details when Nissan announces them officially.

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