New Scout EVs Reveal Date Announced

Scout’s Off-Road Pickup, SUV: Will It Compete on Big Three’s Turf?

Scout Motors officially disclosed when it will be uncovering its inaugural models, which consist of an eco-friendly SUV and a pickup truck that focuses especially on off-roading. In the carmaker’s customary New Year’s video on its digital mediums, it verifies the unveiling date of both vehicles: summertime in 2024.

It looks like the brand has now detailed the concept of the “Scout” title. As stated by Scout, us gallant adventurers embrace the unknown, Laugh at challenges, and tackle high-risk activities. Such an inspiring approach to displaying the brand allows users to take these traits into account when searching for a new Scout. If you have not been informed, it is an all-electric automotive line owned by the Volkswagen Group.

There is a Scout in All of Us

What has been determined from the video? It appears there was quite a bit to take away from what was presented. A key takeaway is that climate change continues to be a major concern with real social, economic and environmental implications. The video culled together scientific data and facts to show that global warming is reaching dangerous levels and its impact upon humankind is having far-reaching ramifications. We were also given an understanding of how excess greenhouse gases can boost temperatures and the importance of investing in renewable energy sources in order to limit emissions. It was underscored that we must all strive together to bring about meaningful change to defend ourselves from further harm.

The visuals in the video exemplify two distinct lifestyles. While one might expect to witness SUV scenes depicting activities like cliff diving, rock climbing, camping, or swimming in a lake, even after a thorough examination, one would observe a man using an axe to harvest tools on the farm and another person exhausted from haggling with the land all day long.

This corresponds with our knowledge of the two projects that Scout is developing. A family-friendly SUV akin to the Rivian R1S and a utilitarian truck are both included. It appears that the pickup vehicles intended for top tiers will be equally lavish as the SUV, yet it seems that Scout is setting their sights mainly on the workaday population.

It has been recently uncovered by CarBuzz that filings for trademarks appear to point towards referring to the pickup as the “Hauler” – with a name not likely to be forgotten. This potential vehicle may compete with other electric pickup trucks, such as the Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Tesla Cybertruck. It is suppositioned the SUV may be deemed “Reaper”, however other labels, such as Spirit, Tellus and Travelstar are also possible titles.

It is likely that Scout will present their new automobile at the Detroit Motor Show in mid-September. Not only is this a way of them launching their new make of car on the home turf of the Big Three, but it will allow potential buyers the opportunity to get close and personal with the two cars, which could be even more essential.

Scout is set to become a semi-domestic brand. Although VW maintains ownership and Austrian engineers oversaw the development, the vehicles themselves will be constructed in South Carolina, making them eligible for the generous benefits of the Inflation Cutback Law. Designs are also being tirelessly crafted at the Scout Invention Hub, situated in Michigan. Production is forecasted to commence in 2026 when the Volkswagen Group intends to relocate all EV development to its recently established Scalable Systems Platform (SSP).

It has been announced that SSP will arrive in 2026, with a range of up to 1700 horsepower conceivable. Even though it is speculation, we estimate medium-class power levels between 400 and 800 hp to serve the requirements of workhorses, pickups and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

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