VW Teases Scout SUV, Pickup

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At Volkswagen’s latest Capital Markets Day presentation, an exciting glimpse into the future of the automaker’s electric lineup was unveiled. Analysts and investors were treated to a peek of what may lie ahead in the form of a mini teaser image depicting a pair of boxy models that look to be the previously teased Scout EV pickup and SUV. Though no further information was provided, it gave everyone in attendance a tantalizing glance at the possibilities.

Yet, the demonstration offered key insight with respect to the models’ function within the Volkswagen Entity and what the marque aims to rival when these cars start being produced at their fresh installation in South Carolina declared beforehand this year.

Gazing at the stretches for the different works uniting, we gain a noticeable sign of the stage and battery innovation that Scout will apply.

In response to Volkswagen’s earlier revelations, we have been apprised of their intentions to start construction on the Scout production facility by mid 2023. Production inevitably won’t begin until late 2026 however, at which juncture the whole range of electric models from VW will be underpinned by the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP). This synthesis is congruent with the declarations given when the revival of Scout was authenticated. The CEO now in power, namely Herbert Diess, avowed that vehicles in the Scout lineup would utilize engineering techniques beyond those existing in the Volkswagen Group portfolio.

This is tremendous news as SSP simply eclipses MEB, which is the existing platform in operation for the Volkswagen ID.4. Amazingly, SSP can provide up to a potential 1700 horses of power, although it’s extremely probable such a high amount of strength is being conserved exclusively for famous brands such as Porsche, Bentley and maybe even Audi.

For Scouts, higher convenience is now possible due to the accelerated charging cycles (roughly 12 minutes) and enhanced pilot help as far up as Level 4. As for Volkswagen, a greater gain is created through these means.

VW has an extensive network of battery factories all over the world, allowing them to provide a tailored solution based on regional demands. The batteries produced in Canada will be specifically created with North American customers in mind, though their size and range are yet to be revealed. Fortunately, Scout customers will receive the full $7,500 discount from the very beginning, due to the USA’s free-trade treaty with Canada.

Volkswagen has exposed that the Scout will go a long way in enhancing its catalogue of products. This SUV is anticipated to move into the subcompact group as well as the pickup truck likely to contend for the compact segment market. It appears that the Scout is catered to the same space being targeted by Rivian’s R2. For pickups, Volkswagen is likely to challenge against the speculated Ford Maverick Lightning or even the Ranger when running on electricity.

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