Nissan 90th: Celebrate JDM Style w/Special Leaf Model

Stylish Leaf with Copper & Black Accents

Nissan is commemorating its nintieth anniversary with extraordinary renditions of the Nissan Leaf and other models that will mostly be unheard of to American customers. Fittingly named the Nissan Leaf 90th Anniversary Vehicle, it is adorned with several bonuses that are not included in the straightforward non-anniversary form and can now be obtained in Japan.

For the 90th Anniversary Leaf, Nissan has added some special copper finishes to the front and rear bumpers, as well as the side mirrors. This copper shade is the same one that is featured on the Nissan Ariya, and Nissan explains it as a symbol of “the beginning, or a new dawn” for the brand. Completing the look are 18-inch black aluminum wheels.

Altogether, there are nine available color options for the 90th Anniversary Leaf. Among these, there are two-tone hues including Midnight Black/Dark Metal Grey, Pure White Pearl/Super Black, Burgundy/Super Black, Garnet Red/Super Black and Stealth Gray/Super Black. Additionally, the singlecolor selections are Midnight Black, Luminescent White Pearl, Dark Metal Gray, as well as Aurora Flare Blue.

The interior was given a revamp with luxurious front seats that feature mixed leatherette and plush crystal-stamped suede. Additionally, these chairs become even more memorable with a distinctive 90th Anniversary label.

In addition to being optional, parts like a hood accent, carpeting for the 90th Anniversary, a frame with tags commemorating this event for the number plate, and plastic visors emblazoned with logos for the milestone can be had.

Though technically belonging to the Japanese Domestic Market, the exclusive features of the 90th Anniversary Nissan Leaf are of the cosmetic kind. As with its U.S counterpart, it’s still equipped with a 147-horsepower engine or an enhanced 214-horsepower unit combined with a 40-kWh or 60-kWh battery pack respectively, delivering a range of 149 miles and 212 miles.

In its native land, the limited Nissan Leaf is valued at 4,412,100 Yen or equivalent to roughly $31,000 as per exchange indices.

Nissan has released a range of distinct models to mark notable occasions, such as a special 90th Anniversary edition for the Nissan Sakura electric kei car, and commemorative editions of the Note and Note Auro hybrid hatchbacks as well as the Serena minivan. All of these vehicles come with eye-catching copper exterior accents.

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