Nissan Leaf Too Costly for US Homeowners?

Leaf’s Affordability: Built in US, But For How Long?

By 2025, the outdated Nissan Leaf will have a long-awaited makeover. Nevertheless, the new version is predicted to be faced with some difficulties on the launch – notably in the United States. According to Automotive News, the Smyrna plant housed by Nissan located in Tennessee will not be responsible for producing this newer variation, thus putting a close to 10 years of production.

Relocating their plant to Sunderland, UK signifies that the Leaf would forego the treasured EV tax deduction amounting to $7,500 (declining to $3,750 for the 2024 editions). Consequently, the Japanese automobile firm could perhaps be compelled to delete some cost just to remain viable amidst its rivals.

The Nissan Leaf takes aim at the dearth of budget-friendly EVs in the segment, setting its foundation charge at $28,140. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is positioned as the most reasonably priced electrical vehicle available in America, commencing at a cost of $26,500, and followed by the Bolt EUV with a beginning rate of $27,800. Every other model surpasses the threshold of $30,000, and regrettably, as a result of recent labor disputes, the idea of procuring an EV for only $20,000 appears too good to be true.

“The lack of a tax incentive makes it almost impossible to compete in the US market,” the source said to Automotive News. “We are at a major disadvantage when it comes to selling electric vehicles.”

Way back in 2013, Nissan launched the Leaf in Smyrna, Tennessee, one year after Tesla brought to life the much celebrated Model S. Despite being a front runner in the realm of mass-market electric vehicles, the Leaf has gone largely unnoticed, most probably due to its scarcity of new features.

For the next rendition, Nissan is predicted to add new characteristics that would entice both present and fresh electric car purchasers. Shifting from a hatchback to an SUV base built upon the CMF-EV structure – the same one current in the Nissan Ariya reduced SUV EV – is one anticipated addition.

Nissan has been relatively silent regarding the specifics. However, the automobile manufacturer previously stated that the novel model, together with the electrically powered Rogue Sport and Juke, shall be fueled by its exciting prototypes. We hypothesized that the Leaf may draw from the Chill-Out Concept, a crossover electric vehicle graced with a cinema-like interior and twin motors.

Upon the introduction of the freshly designed Nissan Leaf in 2025, plans for additional EV models as part of their Ambition 2030 scheme should follow shortly after. The auto-manufacturer has committed a $500 million investment to the Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Mississippi with the clear objective of producing no less than four electric vehicles; this being part of a larger, more ambitious goal to ultimately wholly electrify their catalogued offerings.

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