Nissan Ariya EV: Pole-To-Pole Expedition

Car Powered by Extendable Wind Turbine & Foldable Solar Panels

Chris and Julie Ramsey have set out on an ambitious journey, where they will be the first in the world to traverse from the magnetic north pole to the south pole of Antarctica, utilizing a slightly modified Nissan Ariya. The modifications, provided by Arctic Trucks, are few, but this car invention may still prove itself capable, as the duo pursue their impressive feat.

A suspension elevation kit has been installed and the wheelwells have been broadened to permit for 39-inch tires, excluding those transformations however, the car is essentially still in the same condition it was when it came from the Nissan production line.

The Ramseys will be offered backing by an unmolested Ariya on their 16,777-mile journey. Despite the expedition having plotted out their course to use established energy sources whenever viable, there will be opportunities when electricity can’t be sourced in typical fashions.

Thus, the Ariya will be towing “an innovative renewable energy unit” that consists of an extendable wind turbine and foldable solar panels, enabling the team to capitalize on the powerful winds and extended daylight hours they will experience while sailing through North, Central, and South America.

“After four years of planning and hard work, we are delighted to finally launch Pole to Pole,” said Chris. “Julie and I have had several EV adventures during the past decade, but this is undoubtedly our boldest and most thrilling challenge.” Chris added that the adapted Ariya had worked perfectly on the 3,100-mile journey to the starting point.

When we last chatted with Chris, his aim was to make it to the end of the trek “by December 2023.” Here’s hoping that he and his spouse face no major snags along the way, but when taking on a feat like this for the first time, some guesswork is to be expected. All the best, folks!

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