Nissan EV Pickup: Ready to Roll

Nissan Outlines Future Truck Plans at Mobility Show

Nissan is revamping its pickup options ahead of the 2024 model year by phasing out the Titan. Suggestions made by a top-ranking executive seem to be pointing towards electric engineering as their truck range’s future path.

“One thing you can be sure about is that we will keep investing in the truck segment,” declared Ivan Espinosa, Nissan Motor Company’s Global Product Strategy and Product Planning Head, in a statement to Automotive News. “The question that we are currently discussing internally is how do we evolve? Ultimately, we will have to electrify the truck.”

When Espinosa alludes to electrification, it is unclear whether he means a full electric vehicle or something with a hybrid powertrain. Just recently, for example, Honda — one of Nissan’s competitors — presented the Prelude Concept. At first, people thought this was going to be a fully electrical model; however, afterwards it was brought to light that it was actually a hybrid.

During a media roundtable at the Japan Mobility Show that attended, Espinosa spoke about the upcoming electrified truck. He declared that the model would follow after the release of SUVs, stating, “The pickup might be a little bit on the later portion.”

There is much discussion circulating regarding Nissan’s plans for their electric truck. Rumour has it that the automaker could produce a medium-sized pickup with an entirely electrical powertrain, as an alternative to the Frontier. The other rumour replied the suggestion of making the new Frontier a fully electric vehicle, potentially arriving for the 2030s.

Nissan is currently making ready modifications to their Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant, located in Mississippi, for the manufacturing of electric cars. This facility presently produces vehicles ranging from the Frontier, to the Titan, all the way to the Altima.

In 2021, Nissan unleashed a bunch of ideas, for instance the Surf Out electric pickup (pictured above). We won’t likely see the production model having luxurious features like a transparent frontal grille or an adaptable tailgate able to screen customizable announcements. Nevertheless, the vehicle signifies that the producer is certainly contemplating what an intermediate-sized EV in this sector might look like.

For 2024, the Frontier is being given a throwback look with the Hardbody Edition. This build commenced on the SV 4×4 trim and features a style bar situated in the cargo bed, aluminum skid plate, black fender cladding, as well as mud-guards. Most of the external decoration was set to a gloomy black shade while the interior received a treatment of luxurious leather seating, as well as heated front chairs. It is powered by a 3.8L V6 engine that provides 310 horsepower combined with a nine-speed automated transmission.

Source: Automotive News

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