Nissan GT-R Sales Skyrocket 584% in 2023

Nissan GT-R Sales Up 700% in 2021.

The selling tallies for 2023 concerning Nissan’s stock are out, with 898,796 models distributed throughout 22 different lines. A single car has seized our attention specifically – the Nissan GT-R. Incredibly, the organisation achieved a prodigious 390 units sold in comparison to last year, showing an astounding 584 percent upsurge from the meagre 57 pieces peddled in 2022.

It seems likely that the tremendous sales surge is connected to the major update made to the GT-R in January 2023. This version featured redesigned front and rear details for superior aerodynamics, and for the deluxe Nismo model, a new front limited-slip differential was added. Additionally, the T-Spec edition was added, which sported the base engine combined with the Nismo’s bodywork, suspension, and carbon-ceramic brakes. Nissan also proffered two vintage colours: Millennial Jade and Midnight Purple.

Yet, to witness such an elevation is not usual taking into account that the GT-R has been significantly devoid of bigger modifications touching either its drivetrain or structure since it was brought out way back in 2007. The 2024 model presents approximately the same 565 hp as it did since eight years. In like manner, though the inside has been given substantial improvements, it still very much resembles a relic from the 2010s.

It is understandable why certain purchasers may favor the GT-R. Despite being state-of-the-art and technologic in the mid 2000s, contemporaries of Nissan have now taken advances to a higher degree. Nonetheless, this vehicle keeps its hydraulic steering feature which it can be difficult to locate on extravagance models, and retains a plethora of actual tangible buttons within. Registering at 3,850 pounds on the scale, it has an unexpectedly light weight when compared to, for instance, a brand-new BMW M2 which totals 3,867 lbs.

Despite being certain this rendition is anticipated to be the last of its kind, we’re anguished about seeing it off. There has never been another vehicle such as this on the market and it’s unlikely that Nissan will manufacture a similar one again.

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