Novitec’s 771HP Urus: A Monstrous Machine

Novitec Enhances Styling With Subtle Upgrades

The high-performance automotive conglomerate, Novitec, has rolled out its capabilities in the aftermarket modifications for the Lamborghini Urus Performante. Installing the entire set to your sporty sports utility vehicle will grant a broader look combined with an intensified exhaust sound that is graced with attractive resonances.

Dubbed the Novitec Esteso Widebody, its exterior has a plethora of carbon fiber additions including a front lip spoiler, a modified rear diffuser, wider fender extensions, a vented hood reminiscent of the Huracan STO, a stunning new roof spoiler, and square-shaped exhaust tips. To complete the transformational look, a set of hugely impressive 23-inch wheels have been partnered with Vossen and Novitec, resulting in stylish flowing upgrades.

782hp Novitec Lamborghini Urus Performante Widebody with a new exhaust system / The Supercar Diaries

As aforementioned, the build also involves a state-of-the-art exhaust system, equipped with adjustable flaps for muting if necessary, in addition to two high-grade catalytic converters promoting unrestricted air flow without dreading potential heat being detected by the police.

With N-Tronic’s new control module, letting the ECU tune get a revitalizing adjustment, it’s now able to generate 771 horsepower and 761 ft-lbs of torque; considerably more than the original model’s 666 hp and 626 ft-lbs of torque. This marks in a 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds (which is 0.2 seconds faster) and a top speed of 193 mph (an increase of 3 mph).

In pursuit of optimizing handling and enhancing looks, the rapscallion SUV obtains a sporting set of springs, which are also accordant with the air suspension of the Urus S. The inner can as well be restyled according to the buyer’s predilection, offering a plethora of threadings, textures and color choices. Entirely these customizations for the Novitec Esteso are present on the website of the aftermarket brand. When it comes to costs, individuals must get in contact with the firm to obtain a quotation given that Novitec designs are not normally inexpensive.

We would be content to pay more than what Mansory demands for its atrocious works of art.

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