Overwhelmed by Unexpected $71K Charge to Replace BMW i3’s EV Battery

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The BMW i3 met its demise in 2021, yet maintains its popularity in the pre-owned market. However, buyers should be wary of potential high costs, as exemplified by one owner who received an exorbitant quote of $71,208.27 for a replacement battery pack for their 2015 i3 REx.

The cost of replacing the battery on an electric car is not only higher than the car’s original price, but it also exceeds the value of a freshly-purchased BMW i5 eDrive40. This exorbitant amount, which surpasses even BMW’s high standards, sheds light on the expensive nature of battery replacement in electric vehicles. In fact, some estimates for a battery replacement have reached heights of $16,000.

After publishing the inappropriate remark on Reddit, a number of owners of i3 vehicles shared the exorbitant quotes they were given, with one individual being presented with a whopping $30,000 bill.

The numerous invoices for repairs are concerning, but the inconsistency in pricing for identical work is even more perplexing. CarBuzz has reached out to BMW USA for a response and will update the post accordingly upon receiving a reply.

According to certain members of the Reddit community, it is believed that the dealer is deliberately avoiding completing necessary repairs. By presenting owners with absurdly high price quotes, it is likely that they will be discouraged and seek out other options (such as purchasing a new vehicle). One user commented, “They can’t just outright refuse, so they inflate the price to the point where it forces the customer to consider buying a new car.” However, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory, which means that owners of i3s (as well as older electric vehicles) may have to turn to aftermarket solutions for their repair needs.

The i3 is equipped with eight cells in its battery pack. However, if one malfunctions, it can result in a significant expense for the owner. If you happen to own an i3 or any other older electric vehicle, it might be beneficial to seek out a knowledgeable professional who can conduct these necessary repairs at a much lower cost. One individual battery module alone can range from $3,000 to $3,500, making it possible to have the repair completed for a fraction of the exorbitant $70,000+ estimate mentioned earlier. These excessively high repair fees contribute to why many individuals consider EVs to be disposable items.

It should be noted that the exorbitant costs are not limited to the BMW i3 alone. According to research conducted by Recurrent, the replacement of batteries in a Volkswagen e-Golf can rack up a staggering amount of $21,000. However, this pales in comparison to the astonishing $113,500 fee invoiced to a Hyundai iX35 owner whose fuel cell experienced complications.

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