Own an Unusual V12 Aston Martin SUV!

Mileage: 0 Miles

Concerning concept cars, it offers automakers the chance to experiment with creative, unusual-looking designs, completely free of criticism. One example is Aston Martin’s 2009 Lagonda SUV concept – their initial venture into high-rider vehicles that arrived prior to the debut of the DBX. Thankfully, this one-time-only project never entered production; otherwise, perhaps we wouldn’t have been able to as easily forget about it.

The ideology behind the Lagonda is reemerging, specifically as an eligible item in Collecting Cars’ offerings. When first shown at the Geneva Motor Show of 2009, the conception was created by Marek Reichman, Chief Designer at Aston Martin. Intended to rekindle the Lagonda brand and pave the way to a market for distinguished SUVs made by prestigious brands; sadly, it was to no avail.

As a product of the renowned Lagonda moniker, an invocative design was anticipated from the beginning. The acknowledged wedge shape of automobiles such as the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf has become synonymous with the brand. Nevertheless, this SUV concept appears to have taken on characteristics more akin to Chrysler’s range. The rear is emblematic of the Bentley Flying Spur.

Equipping this automobile is a duo of 22-inch double five-spoke alloys which are mated to ceramic carbon brakes and an air suspension. Inside of the car is lined with two-tone Bitter Chocolate and Magnolia along with glossy black details. Additionally, there are four separate seats, fragrant footrest rugs in the rear compartment, and an extensive sunroof.

Despite its unimpressive outward appearance, the inner workings of the concept are worth careful consideration. It is integrated with a hefty 5.9-liter V12 motor taken from the DB9 and DBS. As an adaptation of the DB9, this engine is predicted to create approximately 450 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, it is rumored that Mercedes-Benz has had a part to play in the development of this idea, with the GL-Class platform providing the essential foundation.

The cost is yet to be revealed since the bidding process has not gotten underway. One captivating aspect of the website is the zero-mileage odometer, which could be justified by the fact that the car is unregistrable for road use. Nonetheless, the vendor mentioned that it can be tailored to accomodate road certification requirements; thus, meaning that the prospective buyer may have the opportunity to drive a classic Aston Martin SUV.

It is no secret that the DBX is Aston Martin’s debut Sport Utility Vehicle released for sale. Its look contrasts greatly from the idea visualised in 2009. Without a V12 engine, it nevertheless offers incredible power with its twin turbo-V8 with a maximum capacity of 697bhp.

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