Own Arnold’s Custom Unimog: Live Like the Legend!

Aggressive Exterior/Luxurious Interior Unimog

Famed for his burly body and coveted roles in blockbusters of the 1980s, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the epitome of a macho movie star. It’s only sensible that the legendary actor would have a vigorous car to match. Fortunately, you can own this beefed-up Mercedes-Benz Unimog he used to ride around with, as it is now listed for sale at Barrett-Jackson!

A complete restoration and upgrade of this 1977 Unimog U1300 SE pickup by German model specialists Merex was conducted in 2012. This truck boasts an improved interior with luxurious leather-trimmed seats as well as a rear-view camera to make operation easier while on the highway. Furthermore, there’s a Blaupunkt stereo installed, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature is proudly displayed in the middle of the dashboard – clear proof that it was his vehicle.

The exterior appears suitably hefty due to the large front brush guard with incorporated spotlights. There are additionally lamps in the bumper. In the event a trek goes awry while you’re on the path, there’s a winch to come to your rescue in problematic scenarios. The cargo bed flaunts a roll bar, rear-illumination, as well as a bench with seatbelts for transporting added passengers.

Drawing potential from a potent turbodiesel 6.4-liter inline-six engine, which is said to deliver an incredible 320 horsepower, this truck possesses a five-speed manual and four-wheel drive combined with expansive 22-inch wheels and immense 445/65 tires for maximum traction if needing to outrun the Predator in the jungle is paramount. It also features air suspension.

Schwarzenegger didn’t hold on to his tailored Unimog ​for much time. Reports have it that he was seen driving – or navigating – the vehicle around Santa Monica, in California, sometime in 2012. However, by 2014, the truck had been placed up for sale again and copies of it resurfaced in 2016.

Barrett-Jackson is set to offer up Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-Unimog without a minimal selling price at its Scottsdale, Arizona auction, taking place from the 20th to the 28th of January. Accompanying the truck, customers will find an envelope containing pictures, paperwork, and verifications of authenticity. Buy it and get nostalgia for his past action films while picturing you as the Terminator in the driver’s seat.

Source: Barrett-Jackson

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