Owner: Why Tesla Model Y is the Best Seller

2023 Q1: World’s Best-Selling Car – Tesla Model Y
No Wonder It's the BEST SELLING CAR! Tesla Model Y 50,000 Mile Review

John Gibbs, an acclaimed YouTuber who’s previously been featured in InsideEVs several times, just released his 50,000-mile ownership review of his Tesla Model Y. This model has a starting price of $50,490, and boasts an EPA-estimated range of 330 miles, as well as reaching 0-60 mph in only 4.8 seconds. So impressive!

Back in December of 2020, Gibbs obtained his Tesla Model Y for 2021 and has taken it out for thousands of miles on both short stops and long excursions having accumulated a total of 30,000 on lengthy trips, and an extra 20,000 miles of other travels.

He has nothing but good things to say about his Model Y. With Tesla’s continual OTA software updates, he now has a car that keeps getting better after the initial purchase – a stark contrast to the cars he previously owned, which never changed from the day of purchase until it was time for them to be replaced. His Model Y, however, has been dramatically improved since its acquisition.

Among the chief aspects for the Model Y that require improvement is its self-driving abilities. Almost jokingly, Gibbs attested that when first introduced it did not even pass the “spouse test” – as the car was brand new his wife hesitated in utilizing it due to multiple times of error. Nonetheless, with regular over-the-air updates the FSD Beta feature has substantially evolved.

The service which he obtained was outstanding. When the passenger side window on the Model Y didn’t function correctly, he was visited by the service technicians in his garage and it was successfully repaired. Additionally, he approximates that he saved around $5,800 due to reduced gas expenditures. Further, with a year of free charging at select Tesla Superchargers, Gibbs attests to have only paid $313 on charge-up costs – a truly stellar outcome.

One of the two negatives he flagged up is the speed of quickening, which for some may be perceived as an advantage instead. As a consequence of having two engines sending torque to each of the four wheels, the tires become worn down extremely quickly, so noted Gibbs.

Tire condition is influenced by the types of roads a car travels on, how it is driven, aerodynamics, and how it’s properly cared for. Looking at customers testimonials we formerly discussed, many Tesla drivers appear to have different tire wear patterns, all due to the factors mentioned previously.

View Gibbs’ clip to acquire more captivating facts about the Tesla Model Y, and why he thinks it will keep its place as the world’s top-selling auto. How do you feel about the Tesla Model Y? Do you anticipate that it will surpass the Toyota Corolla as the number one selling car in 2023? Post your opinion below.

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