Performance Tuner Get Race-Ready with Hyundai’s NPX1 Ioniq 5 N Performance Tuner

Beefed Up Aero Kit: A vamped up ride

Hyundai is set to ramp up the excitement surrounding the Ioniq 5 N with a major overhaul. The much-anticipated reveal of the NPX1 will take place at the upcoming 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, promising an electrifying and track-ready iteration of the already powerful EV. Recent teasers suggest that this race-tuned version will be nothing short of thrilling.

The distinguishing feature of this Ioniq 5 N is immediately apparent in the size of its rear wing. Upon enhancing the brightness and exposure of the official imagery, a more comprehensive body kit is revealed, complete with aggressive aerodynamics evidenced by the large front splitter and rear diffuser. An accompanying video showcases additional modifications such as carbon mirror caps and striking blue brake calipers.

During last month’s N Festival in South Korea, Hyundai displayed a glimpse of what appeared to be a familiar vehicle – the Ioniq 5 eN1 Cup car. While it is uncertain if this was the same car, it sported a muscular body kit and was significantly lighter than the standard road-legal version of the Ioniq 5 N, weighing in at a loss of 551 pounds. Additionally, the concept featured an adaptable suspension that could lower the car by 2.8 inches compared to its production counterpart.

The high-speed vehicle was equipped with sizeable 18-inch wheels sporting 280/680 R18 slick tires, accompanied by powerful six-piston brake calipers in the front and four-piston ones in the rear. Designed for optimal performance, it featured polycarbonate side and rear windows, an air jack for quick adjustments, a six-point roll cage that met FIA regulations, and a kill switch in case of battery overheating.

It appears that Hyundai N has their sights set on bringing the Ioniq 5 N to the South Korean racing scene, as they plan to introduce the country’s inaugural electric car-only competition. The development process is slated to conclude in the coming month and the eN1 Cup vehicle is set to make its debut on the track in May. As per reports, racers will have the option to mimic traditional gear shifts through the utilization of the N E-Shift feature, which mimics the performances of an eight-gear dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The NPX1 is set to make its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon on January 12, in the meantime.

Hyundai N | IONIQ 5 N NPX1 Teaser

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