Peugeot E-5008: Electric SUV Spied [UPDATE]

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Breaking news from the spy photographers – a new French car could be set to debut, potentially shading Peugeot’s mysterious prototype. Reports suggest this vehicle will replace the current Renault Scenic, potentially as soon as 2024 and slotting above the Megane E-Tech in its lineup.

At the Peugeot E-Lion Day held in late January, the French automobile manufacturer presented a prolific range of electric vehicles. Set to be rolled out alongside the E-208 and E-308 hatches and SW wagon, two crossover models – E-3008 and E-5008 – will be released too. While the former is due to debut in the second part of 2021, our agents in the Arctic speculate that the latter’s prototype has already been spotted. This more sizable SUV should arrive by 2025.

Though only some preliminary glimpses have been attained, the trial-vehicle appears to bear the manufactured body parts. The truncated overhangs signal a devoted electric frame, plausibly the STLA Middle that Peugeot has firmly declared will prop up the E-3008. This architecture will permit a peak range of 435 miles (700 kilometers) for the mid-sized model and will back a two-motor formation for four-wheel drive.

Recent years have seen a plethora of electric cars being showcased, and the E-5008 crossover is no exception. The flush door handles make for improved aerodynamics, while small cutouts in the camouflage suggest the vehicle features split headlights. Better packaging enabled by its tailored EV platform contributes to a less clunky appearance than the current ICE-powered 5008.

It could be somewhat smaller overall, although the wheelbase is set to be extended, generating more room in the interior. In addition, its seven-seat configuration will make it distinct from the E-3008, as is comparatively the case with the current model. Concerning battery size, mother firm Stellantis has declared that STLA Medium will contain batteries with ranges of 87-104 kWh.

Regarding the design, the E-5008 will sport a drastically distinct appearance, drawing heavily on elements of the Inception model revealed in January at Consumer Electronics Show. Peugeot is taking up a new styling aesthetic as well as renewing its i-Cockpit, meaning the inner workings of the car are also in for main modifications.

The brand-new 5008 will certainly not be just electric powered, as Peugeot is intending to provide petrol and/or diesel versions too, however possibly merely in the shape of mild hybrids or plug-in hybrids. By the year 2030, all models marketed in Europe are projected to be full electric vehicles.

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