Polestar 2 BST 230: 500-HP Limited Edition Rocket

Green Paint Adds a Fantastic Look

Polestar has declared a fresh, restricted-edition model of the Polestar 2: the BST edition 230. Described after the amount that will be produced for both the European and North American markets, this latest rendition takes after the Polestar 2 BST edition 270 from last year.

The higher end model boasts an upgraded stylling package.Polestar emphasizes the performance-focused design elements on the 230 more highly than its predecessor, even if it appears not to differ much from the 270. It packs a powerful punch at 476 hp and 502 lb-ft of torque from its dual motor system. Meanwhile, the more upscale model promotes a more stylish kit.

It too is adorned with an exclusive colour known as Green Nebula which is regarded nothing less than exquisite. We aspire to witness the shade included in the Polestar’s regular selection later on. Additionally, it can be purchased in Space Black, yet why choose that option if this distinctive look we spot is a feasible alternative?

Aside from the power and the paint, the interior features MicroSuede seats and steering wheel inserts. Like the 270, this model also offers an optional graphics package. While the design looks visually appealing, some may consider the large “2” graphic too flashy and not in line with the elegance of the brand.

Besides its power, everything about the frame of the 270 is tailored for maximum performance. This includes a one-inch drop in ride height and customized Ohlins two-way adaptable shocks with external containers; a front strut bar, plus 20% tougher springs, as well as custom 21-inch alloy rims. The tires, Pirelli P Zero 245/35R21s, are specially designed to fit this vehicle.

It is clear that the Polestar have seen success with their second BST design in succession. They have verified that further exclusive versions will be produced, as this allows them to try different configurations and features in novel styles.

The vehicle will dispatch in the third trimester of 2023, coinciding with the updated 2024 Polestar 2. This available as a first-come, first-served situation, so seize the chance before it’s gone! The cost is set at $80,900, subtracting $1,400 for the destination fee – a steep premium compared to a classic Polestar 2.

The highly-equipped Polestar 2 features the Premium and Pilot packages and, in regard to the improved capabilities, is great value for the cost compared to a “standard” matching Polestar 2. Hence, we think if someone has the economic means, the 230 surely looks like an extraordinary machine – not to mention the alluring hue of green which would alone be worth purchasing the upgrade!

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