Porsche 911: RS4 Power Fixes 996 Issues

Cost of Conversion Kit: $13,880 Excl. 911

Renn27, a business which specializes in coupling Audi engines to Porsche models, flaunted the power of their powerful 2.7T engine swop kit for the Porsche 911 (996) on the dyno recently, returning some impressive numbers. The car displayed 525 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 496 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm with a 24 psi boost.

The constructor attests that the Audi V6 motor is a perfect complement to the Porsche frame, as both manufacturers possess analogous manufacturing philosophies. Furthermore, the 2.7T is forty pounds lighter and four inches less extended.

The second-gen (B5) Audi S4 was equipped with an engine that churned out 261hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, a performance that was fairly remarkable for the late 1990s and early 2000s compared to its competitors. Speeding past 60mph only took 5.7 seconds which made it quite the race car. The B5 RS4 Avant, one of the premier RS models, employed the same powertrain yet upgraded, boasting 375hp and 325 lb-ft of torque.

Audi 2.7t swapped Porsche 911: Dyno + Results - Renn27

One of the fundamental causes for which Renn27 sought to substitute the venerable M96 motor was because of its lack of dependability, making it a potential budgetary burden. Common issues such as IMS bearing failure and cylinder scarring have tarnished the image of the 911 996 range.

In comparison to the M96 flat-six, an Audi 2.7T can be acquired for approximately $1,000. What’s more, economical repair costs could ensure that a 911 996 stays in ideal condition over the long haul.

Renn27 boasts a comprehensive engine conversion package complete with an improved exhaust, air inlet, liquid cooling for the motor, liquids for charging, air conditioning, and electrical aspects. To further enhance the system’s efficacy, Bosch demountable injectors, reinforced connecting rods, and a tuned ECU 2.7T grant it the power to reach 525 horsepower as evidenced by the dyno accounts depicted beneath.

The engine is teamed up with a Precision 5858 turbocharger, which modifies it to one turbo setup. Whereas the forced induction gadget can enhance capability to 650 horses, the builder adjusted the engine to prioritize equilibrium. Should more power be sought, the business may look to upgrade internals and opt for a bigger turbocharger. Nevertheless, with so much potency, other pricey components would also need to be upgraded to keep it from becoming hazardous.

Renn27 presents their whole transformation kit for the Porsche 911 outfitted with a 2.7T engine for $13,880. On the other hand, constituents such as mounting brackets can be procured by themselves for a mere $1,715 in the event you desire to perform the installation independently.

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