Porsche Unveils Astonishing 1070-HP Vision 357 Speedster

Goodwood Debut of 718 GT4 e-Performance Electric Powertrain

A plethora of thrilling occasions are taking place in the realm of car fans. Today, manufacturers will also be divulging and competing new models at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

Porsche has astounded the world by unexpectedly introducing a high-velocity car concept. This creation will be displayed at Goodwood to commemorate the 30th year of this prestigious event. According to the statement released, the design for this electric vehicle looks to its predecessors for inspiration.

In reference to the immortal Porsche 356 – the first of its kind for the renowned marque and one that sparked a flurry of creations in its wake – is the strikingly new ‘Vision 357 Speedster’. Fittingly, this vehicle pairs itself as a doppelganger next to the Vision 357 first released last January.

Porsche’s hottest new vehicle bears a resemblance to the roadster iteration of the 356, furnished with a ‘tonneau’ cover on top of the passenger seat. This time, the auto is fashioned with a high-performance convertible body style.

The majorly mini-windshield, with its sculpted-stone styling, calls to mind classic sports cars. The inspiration of Porsche 356 is hard to miss.

The front grille of the car comprises ‘four-point illumination fixtures’ along the bumper that emulate the iconic look of the 356’s headlights. Careful attention has been given to detail, with cutting-edge features such as 20″ magnesium alloy wheels and side-mounted cameras resembling wings. Further distinguishing this classic design are small air ducts situated just in front of the back wheels, designed to provide cooling to the powertrain components.

A vertical grille in the back and an integrated diffuser are epic extravagances, such as the brilliant blue quick launch hood clasps and tow line in the front facade. Check and fix: A vertical grille at the rear and integrated diffuser are spectacular novelties, like the bright blue quick-release hood catches and tow strap in the front bumper.

The combination of classic styling and cutting-edge tech is signified by the motorization for this vehicle; a thoroughly forward-thinking electric engine and energy storage from the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 e-Performance is transmitting capacity to all four tires.

Porsche claims that the GT4 e-Performance can achieve peak power delivery of nearly 1070 hp, and remain at approximately 600 hp over the span of a 30-minute competition. Comparable to the GT4 e-Performance, this electric vehicle’s chassis originated from the 718 GT4 Clubsport, while its power system is based on the Mission R race car. What’s advantageous is it can be charged up from 5% to 80% in merely 15 minutes, courtesy of its incredible 350 kW capacity.

Porsche is commemorating an extraordinary trio of anniversaries – 75 years of their signature sports cars, 100 years at Le Mans and the unveiling of their modern electric powertrain technology. As part of their milestone celebrations, they are dedicating themselves to electrifying no less than 80% of their vehicle range by 2030, as well as furnishing a carbon-neutral infrastructure.

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