Power Wheels Porsche towing Military Humvee

Small EV Reaches 60 MPH+
How to Build a Sleeper Power Wheels! 60+ MPH

It appears electric cars are on the brink of taking over as the common vehicles that everyone purchases. nonetheless, for a good number of folks, an electric car was their earliest automobile even before they were old enough to acquire a driver’s permit. If you experienced the luckiness to possess a Power Wheels ride as a child, then you can be familiar with the minified replicas of real-life cars armed with a battery and powered by an electric motor.

An incredibly fresh video excellently exposes the Grind Hard Plumbing Co squad fabricating a Power Wheels Porsche Boxster that sits at the larger end of the spectrum. This mini replica features a robust metal frame, quality rubber tires, ignition key, and a parking brake – building up to an impressively genuine look and feel. Sadly, considering it’s capability, one should not expect more than a brisk 5 miles per hour when taking it for a spin.

One of the initial alterations necessitated a crossbreed battery from a large automobile to the miniature Power Wheels Porsche. This caused the EV significantly swifter, though it resulted in an aroma of burning. To improve its output even further, they subsequently mounted an enhanced electric motor.

The video spans quite a length, the main part being devoted to showing the assembling of the vehicle. Around the half-hour mark (starting from where the clip embedded above commences) the altered Power Wheels vehicle is ready for its first trial run. It roves with remarkable speed, reaching 40 and 50mph very quickly and surely having the capability to reach in excess of 60mph. Sadly, the hood flew up due to the acceleration, though this was effortlessly solved by some duct tape.

During the last 15 minutes, a minuscule car valiantly pulled the immense, vintage 7,000-pound military Humvee. Although it fell short of reaching 60 mph whilst towing, there was vast plumes of tire smoke. The toddler’s ride was able to tug the Humvee for a few feet before running out of room on the pavement. Towards the conclusion of the video, the little vehicle wound up popping its tires.

The Grind Hard Plumbing Co YouTube channel has intentions to further modify the automobile. The squad wishes to enhance the vehicle’s capacity to accommodate all the strength as the electric engines comfortably conquered and wrecked the minuscule tires. We are likely to witness it acquire a substituted drivetrain, a novel chassis, and even more enhancements.

Source: Grind Hard Plumbing Co / YouTube

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