Production Begins on Hennessey VelociRaptor 500 Bronco

Twin-Turbo V6: 500 hp, 550 lb-ft Torque

Hennessey has proclaimed that the production and despatch of their VelociRaptor 500 Bronco Raptor have been finalized, after a lengthy winter testing stage in the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado. Their engineering squad has given consent for the high-performance SUV, thus customers across America can now experience the 500-horsepower SUV.

The boosted performance is attributed to tuning of the engine controlling system and the addition of a high-capacity intercooler (with a blow-off valve), resulting in a tremendous 550 lb-ft of torque. According to Hennessey, the VelociRaptor effortlessly conquered the Rocky Mountains despite snow storms. Additionally, the improved 37-inch off-road tires further improved the SUV’s already extraordinary off-road performance.

As a reminder, the Bronco Raptor puts out nearly 418 horsepower with an impressive 448 lb-ft of torque. This immense power is sent all around with the help of a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Hennessey VelociRaptor 500 Bronco Raptor // Chassis Dyno Testing

Hennessey has not altered the Tonka-truck style of the Raptor’s exterior significantly, only adding slight modifications. Integral LED off-road illumination and distinctive VelociRaptor bumpers are integral elements of the design , as are exclusive 10-spoke wheels. It is made manifest to others on the road that you are not navigating a regular Bronco with VelociRaptor 500 labeling. A custom build plaque, Hennessey sewn headrests, and all-season floor mats come inside with the vehicle.

The custom/high-end supercar producer has kept the suspension the same; nonetheless, the Raptor is rigged with one of the most capable off-road kits money can buy. Its High-Output Off-Road Stability Suspension (HOSS) system includes FOX Bypass Semi-Active Dampers that are specially configured for the Bronco Raptor. With an array of sensors that detect alterations in the terrain, the suspension can be automatically adjusted as needed.

“The VelociRaptor 500 Bronco is one of our most nimble and competent off-road options – it’s virtually unstoppable off the beaten path,” declared founder and CEO John Hennessey.

BRONCO RAPTOR Drag Race Comparison // VELOCIRAPTOR 500 by HENNESSEY vs Ford Bronco Raptor

“Our 500 horsepower upgrade is the perfect complement to Ford’s Bronco Raptor 4×4,” commented the spokesperson. “We have taken the factory’s high-performance offering and improved upon it with more power and a more aggressive look.” He went on to say that the combination of these two elements creates an unbeatable off-road experience.

Would-be customers ought to hustle, as Hennessey only intends to build 200 of the VelociRaptor 500 Bronco for the 2023 model year. The upgrade package is an assessed cost of $32,950, independent of the car itself. If you can secure the Bronco Raptor based at its MSRP – seemingly something of a feat now – then the entire price would be around $111,530.

At a higher cost compared to the recently-released F-150 Raptor R, the VelociRaptor 500 Bronco still manages to offer an exclusive and elevated level of power from its 700-hp supercharged V8 engine. For this reason, it’s likely to be welcomed by the majority of patrons.

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