Programmers Add New Cars to Epic Racing Game

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Gran Turismo 2 is one of the most esteemed racing video games ever. Offering 650 cars and 27 tracks, this PlayStation game wasn’t just the most comprehensive racing game when it came out in 1999 – it continued to captivate players for several years afterwards. Now, a fan-made mod known as Project A-Spec will launch on Discord this Saturday, December 16th, which includes new vehicles and events to the game, even after its initial release 24 years ago. It looks truly astonishing!

Rather than the 650 vehicles included with the game, this mod adds dozens of cars from before the year 2000 in order to retain Gran Turismo 2’s aesthetic from its owned launch in 1999. These additional models range from the Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak racecar, Mazda RX500 concept car, Daihatsu Copen concept, R50 Mini Cooper concept, Plymouth Prowler, and more. Also, updated liveries are available for some of the already existing machines.

No new paths are being added, but Project A-Spec has thrown in some novel events, like extra one-make races and a grueling 99 lap run. The developers intend to introduce even more options going forward. Unfortunately, arcade mode is no longer existing, which can be seen as a bit of a drawback. Nevertheless, the career mode was always the spotlight of GT2, so this won’t cause too much trouble.

Project A-Spec will be accessible on the PlayStation emulator Duckstation. At present, the specific details of how one should go about installing this mod are not known. Generally speaking, the PlayStation CDs utilized tend to come in .iso or .bin/.cue formats wherein the individual files must be extracted, the appropriate alteration content included and then re-assembled.

It has been more than two decades since the launch of Gran Turismo 2, so it’s amazing to witness the game quivering back to life. As for myself and many others, we first became aware of certain motorcars through GT2, devoting hours racing them with Rob Zombie’s Dragula blaring in the background. Project A-Spec provides us with a chance to explore vehicles from that time period, that were previously out of our reach. There’s no stopping me from giving the McLaren F1 a whirl on the Autumn Ring or tackling the Super Speedway!

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Source: Project A-Spec via Twitter

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