Pros and Cons of Owning a 600-HP Porsche – 6 Month Evaluation

Reviewing Porsche Carrera GT: $40K Clutch, Broken Wing

Doug DeMuro recently chanced upon his YouTube channel to give an improvement on his ownership of the Porsche Carrera GT, spanning 6 whole months. Identifying this amazing sports car as “the driver’s amusement around the globe”, he covers all that has happened in the interim.

The Carrera GT is an exorbitantly costly vehicle to purchase, operate, and keep up as one would anticipate: its average sale price in auctions is $1.2 million. Inferior models can start at around half a million dollars, while more precious ones go up to about two million. This ultra-limited production Porsche was only created from 2004-2007 with not more than 1300 units produced.

The Porsche Carrera GT has a 5.7L V-10 engine which propels the back wheels with circa 600 horsepower, making it fast enough to reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Being that the vehicle is such a rare and high-performance machine, having reliability along with it too would be incredibly advantageous. Doug reveals the glitches encountered up to now, and what inherent advantages and downsides come with taking ownership of this particular sports car.

Porsche Carrera GT: Six-Month Ownership Update

Had he sold the car at that time, it would have fetched around 83% of what he paid for it new.Insurance and fuel costs constitute important outlays other than the acquisition cost. Nevertheless, according to Doug, one of the prominent economic risks of owning an exotic car is depreciation. When he bought his Porsche sports car, it had roughly 10,000 miles on it, but within half a year, he had added another 1,200. Had he sold the vehicle then, its worth would have been approximately 83% of the original purchase price.

As each additional mile is driven, the worth of the car steadily decreases. To prevent too much drop in value, those who possess a rare vehicle are often frugal in their use. The greater the miles, the more likelihood that maintenance will be needed soon and the less the resale price will be. Knowing this, DeMuro opted for a Porsche Carrera GT with higher miles on it so that an added amount would not detract as drastically from its value. Not to mention the already poor 11 MPG fuel economy rating, which means he will have to make regular visits to the gas station.

Doug has identified two issues occurring in the past half year: a headlight lamp that needed replacing, along with a defect in the rear wing which demands a highly expensive repair of $30,000 from a dealership.

DeMuro states that the back spoiler – utilizing a hydraulic setup – was intended to deploy at 77 mph or manually via a button; unfortunately, however, the fluid system is experiencing air leakage and it steadily diminishes in position even when stationary.

It had become apparent that it was just a matter of time before this would take place, he declares. Consequently, the automobile has been reserved for conversion to an electric system at a Carrera GT specialist, so as to avoid any additional difficulty. The overall cost amounts to approximately $10,000.

The advantages of the automobile are that it is less-recognized, according to him, with plenty of folks uninformed as to what exactly he’s driving. Doug relishes this “underground” feel. DeMuro also maintains that the driving experience is superior to any other model, even to his Ford GT. He profoundly delights in the ownership process–despite the low ground clearance.

He claims it scrapes the ground, pavement or edges extensively, creating a high tension environment in unfamiliar configurations.

Ultimately, he underlines the Carrera GT’s perilous profile within some areas, epitomized by The Fast And The Furious actor, Paul Walker’s catastrophic passing while at the controls of it, and other incidents. While this more renowned collision happened, evidently the car was outfitted with worn tires and speeding at 90 mph in a residential zone.

Doug claims that, while taking proper precautions and driving at a secure speed, manoeuvring the Porsche can be far from intimidating. In fact, he states that it is quite comfortable, with a great deal of stability and preciseness. It’s important to remember, though, that such speedy motorcars need to be handled carefully, especially when you have 600 horsepower on each rear tyre.

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