Purchase Porsche Collectible for Just $9500

Auction: Vintage Porsche Tractors

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your hands on one of the most extraordinary Porsches created, then your fortune is in. But be aware that these fantastically rare vehicles, currently up for grabs with Donington Auctions of Australia, are actually tractors!

Collectors can legitimately affirm to be devotees of the brand if they attain these eye-catching specimens. Also, they are actually pleasurable to operate on a passes track, as manifested at the 2023 Rennsport Reunion event.

For those unfamiliar, Porsche first forged their prototype tractor in the early 30s; notwithstanding, only in 1950 did they uncork their inaugural production version of it, labelled the AP17, having landed a deal with Allgaier Werkzeugbau GmbH; a German car manufacturer. Soon after, they extended the scope of vehicles using single cylinder motors to others featuring multiple.

Jumping ahead to 1955, Porsche purchased Allgaier’s complete tractor enterprise, enabling it eventually to craft and market the Standard Star, Super, Junior, and Master tractor models.

Much like Porsche’s coveted 356 model, these vintage tractors are equipped with the advantage of low gear ratios and adjustable tread widths. These features made them especially maneuverable when traversing the much smaller agricultural sites typical of Europe when compared to those of the United States.

The 1950 Allgaier R-22 is the oldest of the group, and bidding for it starts at $9,477 (AUD 15,000). It has a 22-horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine and a four-speed gearbox, plus new Pirelli and Mitas tires on the front and rear respectively. Unfortunately, it’s “due for decommissioning,” so it’s likely not in running condition.

The priciest model up for auction is a 1962 Porsche 419 Master, with an initial bidding price of $22,115 (AUD 35,000). The valuation company anticipates that this version may fetch as much as $47,000, far more affordable than any new Porsche currently available.

The sophisticated Master model runs on a 50 horsepower four-cylinder engine, making it the mightiest tractor that German automobile manufacturer has ever developed. In comparison to the R-22 currently up for auction, this one is in a perfect working order. Furthermore, the verdant farm machinery is air-cooled, akin to Porsche 911 vehicles produced between 1964 and 1998.

For anyone unwilling to overlook these iconic relics of the past, it is essential to understand that the auction will commence in a handful of days. Spanning an assortment of Allgaier and Porsche models, these pieces are available for acquisition.

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