Porsche Accessory: Vintage Skibob You Never Knew

Be Cool: Drive a Porsche to the Ski Lodge

Porsche possesses more merits than simply that of an automaker. Through the years, the organization has crafted an array of auxiliary commodities including skis, bicycles, and even farm tractors. The ski-bob being up for grabs by RM Sotheby’s is one of the strangest projects to ever don bearing of this German marquee.

Skibobbing is a winter recreational pursuit which incorporates sledding and skiing. Participants mount a structure that appears similar to a bicycle, with two tandemly attached skis functioning as substitute wheels. Propelling down a hill, maneuvering can be done by leaning left and right.

Porsche joined forces with Arova, producer of skibob vehicles, to introduce the Model 212 in 1970, as mentioned in a past RM Sotheby’s selling event. As opposed to typical skibobs that display an uncovered frame, this model boasts a sleek overall look due to its enclosed, polyfoam hull. A central aluminum hub connecting Suspa-brand suspensions to fiberglass skis was added for more steadiness. Additionally, riders are meant to don a couple of short skies as additional assurance.

The Porsche 212 has the convenient advantage of a collapsible frame, which allows for straightforward transportation into mountainous regions. Its supple struts are designed to flatten to enable its skis to align with its exterior. Furthermore, its comfortable chair can be flipped open, making room for the pole and shaft within. In its condensed form, it is only about thirty pounds in weight – not to mention its compact size, which permits the Porsche 911 of then to keep it tucked away under its hood.

RM Sotheby’s anticipates that this Porsche skibob, put up with no reserve price, will earn an estimated $6,000 to $8,000 at the December 1-2 sale. They have previously sold one for $8,400 last year, while P-Car Market disposed of an identical model for $6,898 in 2022.

Source: RM Sotheby’s via SIlodrome

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