Q50 Factory-Tuned Show Car at SEMA By Infiniti

Infiniti Q5 Red Sport 400: Performance Upgrades Revealed

In alliance with Mobil 1, Infiniti is avocating to SEMA 2023 with a custom-made Q50 Red Sport 400 outfitted with the corporation’s performance parts. The motorvehicle will be exhibited at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, booth #24651, Oct. 31-Nov. 3.

The factory-tuned automobile demonstrates what properies the mark can present to its proprietors if they wish to alter their vehicles, particularly the Q50 four-door and the Q60 coupe. Nissan is undertaking a alike move for the demonstration as it will be exhibiting its Mega Frontier Race Truck, only powered by Nismo 4×4 parts.

Whilst it is not the infamous Black Opal rendition of the Q5, the show car sports a remarkable mien attributable to its Infiniti and Mobil 1 livery. In addition, it also possesses a set of Nismo LM-RS1 19×9.5 light-weight rims crafted from wrought 6061 aluminum alloy and an Infiniti performance cat-back exhaust which features lasers engraving the enterprise’s emblems on the edges. The rims arrive in three colors – black, anthracite, or bronze – having a semi-gloss finish.

The adjustments to the sedan are not exclusively cosmetic, as it also boasts some enhanced performance features. Keeping its 3.0-liter engine, the car now incorporates better cooling capacity with the inclusion of a billet aluminum coolant expansion tank providing an additional 70% volume over the usual amount.

The vehicle also features an auxiliary intercooler container that yields an extra 1.7 gallons of coolant. Moreover, it is supplied with a CARB-approved performance cold-air inlet and a reinforced heat exchanger with a thicker core and expanded surface area to maximize cooling.

In collaboration with Mobil 1, the showcase car also has employed 0w-20 advanced full synthetic motor oil that offers the brand’s anti-wear innovation as well as protective benefits.

Vehicles with Infiniti performance street brake pads and further suspension-augmenting additions, such as its performance toe arm set, lower camber link set, rear traction rods, end link kit, front upper arms, and front external tie rod ends, come with handling revisions pre-installed. Even though it is an original car, the Japanese marque has made known that this uniquely modified unit cannot be bought in its up-to-date state.

You may anticipate a multitude of structures comparable to this from other car marques and novel vehicles, such as the NASCAR V8-engined Toyota Land Cruiser, coming out at the motor show in only a handful of days.

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