Rain-X dethroned as top windshield rain repellent

Rain-X vs. Top Windshield Repellents: Can the Legend Keep Its Status?

Rain-X is a well-known brand. Since the 1970s, it has been the preferred choice for drivers looking to improve visibility through their windshield by repelling water, even in heavy rainstorms. However, Rain-X is now encountering significant competition in the market.

In a set of comparison experiments involving 10 various windshield water repellents, the Project Farm YouTube channel concludes that Rain-X is no longer the top hydrophobic option available. However, it remains a strong contender, which cannot be said for over half of the other products that were tested.

In experiments conducted by Project Farm, only four brands – Gtechniq, Aquapel, Gyeon, and Rain-X – maintained their hydrophobic characteristics despite exposure to car wash soap and windshield washer fluid, which are typical substances that would interact with a windshield. The remaining six brands – Adams, Cerakote, Invisible Glass, Chemical Guys, 3D, and Debaishi – almost completely lost their effectiveness after a brief wash with car wash soap.

Out of the four leading brands tested, Aquapel and Gyeon showed the fastest water removal from glass when exposed to a blow dryer, taking only 1 second. This test by Project Farm aimed to simulate wind forces equivalent to a car traveling at about 40 mph. On the other hand, Rain-X and Gtechniq both took 3 seconds, tying for the last spot in the test.

Rain-X performed poorly in Project Farm’s warm temperature exposure test, which involved placing each glass piece in a dishwasher and subjecting them to hot water spray for 2.5 hours. This test aimed to simulate rain on a hot summer day. While the other three brands maintained their effectiveness after the test, Rain-X’s performance declined.

That doesn’t mean Rain-X isn’t still a good option. Given that it was significantly more affordable compared to the other products tested, easy to apply, and maintained its effectiveness during most of the tests, there is no reason not to consider using it on your vehicle. However, for those seeking the top-performing product available, Gtechniq’s G5 water repellent coating takes the lead, according to Project Farm.

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