Ram 1500 Classic To Return in 2024

Offer Model w/ 1500 & 1500 TRX

It is likely to be the last of its kind, as speculation is running rampant that the Ram 1500 Classic will cease to exist in 2021. A representative from Ram has publicly declared that the model will linger around for another 12 months, substantiated by a statement released to Motor1. It thus looks like the fate of the Ram 1500 Classic has been decided; this variant is probably going to witness life for just one more year.

Rumors have circulated that the 1500 Classic might be leaving the lineup this year. Furthermore, the configurator of the 2024 model has not yet been activated. But with verification, it shouldn’t take long for those interested in buying to customize their own model of the 16-year-old vehicle.

Debuting in 2008, the Ram 1500 Classic is an important member of the full-size pickup collection with an initial retail cost of $32,345 (excluding the $1,995 destination fee) for the Tradesman variation. That price is similar to the midsize pickups sold in America including the Ford Ranger that starts at $32,670. In short, the Classic offers a larger truck than mid-size models but at the same rate.

Details are still to be uncovered, however, the 1500 Classic could still be offered with two potential engine choices. First a 3.6L V6 and as an additional $2,495, depending on the 2023 model year, buyers have the option of selecting a 5.7L Hemi V8. Plus, an eight-speed automatic transmission is anticipated to be available for either rear- or all-wheel drive, contingent upon the selection.

This year could be the final opportunity for pickup truck aficionados to acquire a 1500 Classic that is driven by a V8 engine, as the Hemi is scheduled for retirement in MY 2025. Furthermore, amid the transformation of the auto sector towards electric power, an all-electric variant of the Ram 1500 is predicted to arrive later this year.

It is predicted that in 2025, the Ram 1500 Classic will be featured alongside the 1500 and 1500 TRX varieties. By that time, the latter two models should have already been unveiled in their 2024 iterations and will come with higher specifications. What could follow would be considerable alterations to the range, allowing for a renewed version which could integrate Hurricane turbocharged inline sixes in its system, alongside a mild hybrid Pentastar V6 configuration.

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