Ram Teases Powerful Pickup Truck with High Horsepower Announcement

Don’t miss the hidden gem in the RHO launch video!

Ram’s short film for the launch of the RHO was not just a basic shoot with a couple of cameras in the desert. It included multiple trucks, well-known racing drivers, a Hollywood actor, and Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis displaying his less-than-perfect acting skills as the “boss.” Additionally, it showcased a pair of dirt bikes, one of which seemed to contain a secret hint about an upcoming Ram truck with a significant amount of horsepower.

Don’t feel guilty for overlooking it. The Easter Egg being referred to is the dirt bike without any number attached to it. In contrast, the other bike is labeled 540—a tribute to the 540-hp twin-turbocharged I-6 engine in the new RHO. Regarding the unmarked bike, it “has a number intentionally left blank for the next Ram High HP vehicle with three letters.” This statement comes from Jeff Summers, the advertising chief for Ram, who posted on LinkedIn elaborating on the video.

The New 2025 Ram 1500 RHO | The Convoy

While it’s not a direct confirmation of a new TRX, the statement strongly hints at an upcoming Ram model with ample horsepower, likely surpassing that of the RHO. Ram has been evasive on the topic so far, but has emphasized that the RHO is not a TRX replacement. Kuniskis mentioned that the TRX name is currently “on the shelf for a little while,” leaving open the possibility of its future use. Interestingly, Kuniskis gave a similar response when questioned about a potential future Dodge Challenger. Maneuvering through the realms of Ram and Dodge in a post-Hemi era seems to present its own set of challenges.

In any event, there is something else happening at Ram, and Summers hints that there are additional hidden hints in the video. We decided to watch the video again with a detective’s mindset and spotted some interesting things. At times, a sequence of numbers appears on the bottom right corner, resembling official military information but also resembling binary code. We attempted to translate it using different tools but were unsuccessful. Given Dodge and Ram’s penchant for toying with numbers, these numbers could hold significance.

We observed the initials RC along with a lightning symbol on the trailer transporting the concealed RHO vehicle. It may just be a logo for a car hauler, but it could also suggest an electrically powered, high-speed off-road vehicle. Alternatively, maybe the sand grains are displaying specific patterns hinting at a revolutionary Hemi engine design? Time to break out our conspiracy helmets!

Ram has not provided any official statement regarding Summers’ comments in his LinkedIn post, or his post in general. It is unclear if we will receive any further hints in the future.

Source: Jeff Summers / LinkedIn

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