Lancia Unveils Electric Stratos Concept

Lancia Makes a Comeback–Electric Cars Only

Lancia, the Italian carmaker owned by Stellantis, has given us a preview of a new concept set to be revealed on April 15th. This could point to an electric vehicle arriving sometime in 2024. Not too much has been divulged, however it appears the iconic Stratos may be the first addition to their fleet of EVs – or even the 037 (the rally version had curved tail lights whilst the road car has rectangles). Does that not sound marvelous?!

Lancia hasn’t shared much of a story with their announcement; all they divulged is that they will reveal their concept at the Emozione Pu+Ra presentation and will also be presenting their branding doctrine for the upcoming decade.

Before you become too indignant that Lancia has gone electric, reflect that it only produces one vehicle at this moment – the embarrassing and mundane Ypsilon – and just in Italy. To get an estimate of how plain this automobile is, it is based on the Fiat 500’s infrastructure and unfortunately lacks even the superior electric engine of the upcoming 500e.

The video displays a piece of the back, featuring a circular tail-light, a spoiler affixed to the boot, and an angular diffuser. Within the gap of the rear lights, the LANCIA logo stands out. Unless it’s a brand-spanking new Stratos, we’d be shocked! After our in-depth observation, we are even more confident: the 037 didn’t have anything near that smooth shape at the rear.

Considering the present range of models from Lancia, it could be perceived as prudent to bring back something of a more practical nature, such as the Delta hatchback. Nevertheless, Lancia is a distinguished marque with an illustrious past. Its former advertising campaign dedicated to forecasting upcoming visual concepts for the brand demonstrates that Lancia desires to portray itself as asubstantial luxurious label. Consequently, releasing a modern sports car or supercar could assist in attaining this goal, whereas pushing forth an electrified hatchback would only increase the monotony of such pedestrian workhorse choices.

It is evident that Lancia should aim to cover numerous grounds; and they are doing so. As part of their ‘Renaissance’ campaign, the carmaker plans to release an EV Ypsilon, followed by a crossover in 2026. Despite this, it is vital for them to include something eye-catching to garner attention, encourage buzz and place the company on people’s radar. Higher volume sellers will help sustain Lancia’s presence in Stellantis and fund more daring vehicles, but a sporty and visually impressive speed machine is needed to be visible.

If the Stratos wasn’t your cup of tea due to lack of space, or if you were unnerved by its unusual driving position, or you just liked the Delta better, have no fear. We’d be willing to hazard a guess that the new Statos will be more commodious and comfortable than its predecessor, and there’s a chance that the Delta badge could be making a comeback in 2028 – albeit probably only for foreign countries. Still, one can never be sure.

We shall have even more available for you in the following month.

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