Lancia’s Glorious History Documented

The Countdown to Brand’s Birthday

Despite failing to keep up in the present, Lancia is determined to make a comeback with an all-electric line-up. Their flagship vehicle, an upgraded Ypsilon EV, rumoured to be based off the Fiat 500 platform, is scheduled to launch in 2024. To commemorate the historic brand, Lancia is producing a documentary series titled La storia di una rinascita as a tribute to its centennial past.

Luca Napolitano the CEO of the Lancia Brand has been chosen to present and interview different guests in the inaugural episode. Titled, Cars Designed for Living, the recording location was filmed in Turin, Italy. During this segment, Mr. Napolitano conversed with Roberto Giolito, Head of Stellantis Heritage and a renowned designer, on theville importance of historical credibility as part of the brand’s identity.

If you are a fan of cars, you must have heard about the craftsmanship that goes into designing Lancia models. From the exterior to the interior, it’s a pleasure for passengers to “live in” these cars. Lancia is one of the brands that made wedge-shaped cars look amazing, such as the Lancia Stratos that won the 1973 Tour de France Automobile. The iconic 1970 Stratos Zero was designed by Nuccio Bertone and Marcello Gandini.

Lancia is seeking motivation from its heritage when designing its vehicles of the future. The much-anticipated Gamma electric car, an expected competitor of the BMW i4, will be released in 2026. Additionally, two years later in 2028, the return of the legendary Delta designation will arrive.

Lancia. La storia di una rinascita. Cars for living | Episode 1

“Lancia is a brand that is both Progressive and Classic,” stated Napolitano. “We have a strong focus on the future, but our roots in the past are just as important. We are proud of our heritage that spans more than a century.”

“At Lancia, innovation and design coalesce to form the future and bring to life a new concept of the car, one that is warm and inviting – like the atmosphere of a beautiful Italian home!”

The documentary series entitled The Lancia. A Story of Rebirth is a three-part series that culminates on November 27th, the birthdate of the Lancia label. This brand appears to be making preparations for a comeback; however, we remain uncertain about a potential reintroduction in the US via its parent firm Stellantis.

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