Rejuvenating a Neglected Mercedes Limousine with its First Wash in 10 Years

Abandoned 1960s Mercedes-Benz 300D Revived and Recognized After a Decade of Neglect

This vintage Mercedes-Benz serves as evidence that hidden treasures can manifest in a variety of forms and dimensions. Abandoned for the last ten years in a warehouse’s lower level, it is now receiving the care and consideration it has long deserved.

The WD Detailing YouTube channel chronicles the story of discovering an abandoned 300D limousine, which they claim has been neglected in the corner of an industrial building for the last decade. Judging by the thick layer of dust on the vehicle, we have no reason to question their statement. As expected, the car is not in running condition, requiring the team to use wheel dollies to maneuver it out of its resting place and onto their trailer.

This luxury car, a rival to Rolls-Royce, is in need of a complete makeover. However, before any work can begin, it requires a thorough wash. The professionals at WD Detailing take on the task of deeply cleaning both the exterior and interior to restore this vehicle to its former splendor. During this process, they come across evidence of extensive touch-up jobs on the paint, with certain areas displaying different shades of black than others. Fortunately, their expert polishing skills effectively blend the panels together, leaving a seamless finish.

Reviving the interior of the car has posed a challenge, mainly due to the state of the carpeting. The carpet has started to flake and disintegrate, making it difficult to clean without leading to further damage. As a solution, the WD Detailing team takes a delicate approach using air and minimal amounts of cleaning solution to rejuvenate the carpet. While this method is not flawless, it is a significant improvement over its previous condition. Of course, if a complete restoration is the objective, the carpet will ultimately need to be replaced.

The WD Detailing crew finishes up their work by attempting to start the neglected 300D. Surprisingly, they are successful in getting the car running and idling smoothly. Even more remarkable is the functioning electric suspension, one of the first of its kind. It seems that with a little more effort, this Mercedes could be back on the streets and running properly.

First Wash in 10 Years: ABANDONED in Factory Mercedes 300D! | Car Detailing Restoration

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