Reviving a Neglected BMW E30: An Epic Barn Find Restoration

Abandoned BMW 3 Series Gets Long-Awaited Revamp After 14 Years of Neglect

The E30-generation of BMW’s 3 Series coupe was discovered in an abandoned state within the garage of a home in Pennsylvania. Left untouched for a lengthy period of 14 years, the neglected automobile suffered from the gradual collapse of the house around it. As a result, debris accumulated on the exterior of the car and critters infested its interior. However, fortunate circumstances intervened as WD Detailing came to the rescue, salvaging the vehicle and meticulously restoring it to its former glory.

Prior to WD Detailing being able to bring the E30 back to their headquarters and begin the cleaning process, they first had to remove the car from its parked position – an undertaking that proved to be quite challenging due to its extended period of stagnancy. With the garage door out of the equation, the team opted to use a rope connected to one of the rear control arms to pull the car out. However, this task was not as straightforward as initially thought, as the control arm was heavily rusted and ultimately broke, causing the left rear wheel to face in the opposite direction.

After enduring a grueling few hours of delicate and tedious removal, the BMW is successfully loaded onto WD Detailing’s trailer. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the arduous task of cleaning commences. The paint is noticeably damaged, with a substantial portion of its protective coat worn away. The hood is also burdened with a significant amount of ceiling insulation from the previous owner’s home. The interior is no exception, as it is covered in rat waste and urine.

One of the most effective solutions for this E30’s aesthetic issues is to make small adjustments. The utilization of cleaning products and powerful water pressure eliminates any dust or mold that may have accumulated on the exterior. Additionally, generously applying degreaser and scrubbing diligently can greatly revitalize the carpets, giving them a healthier appearance. However, the seat cushions undergo the most significant transformation as they are able to shift from an unattractive yellowish hue to a nearly-new light beige shade. Witnessing these improvements is truly gratifying.

Regrettably, the destiny of this E30 was predetermined well before it underwent this exceptional detailing. According to the team at WD Detailing, the vehicle was destined to be disassembled rather than restored and driven again. Though we are mournful to bid farewell to a beloved vintage car, we take solace in the fact that its components will serve to keep other vehicles in motion on the streets.

First Wash in 14 Years: ABANDONED BMW E30! | Car Detailing Restoration

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