Replace LaFerrari Aperta Monocoque: +$1M.

Scarcely Used Exotics

The much sought-after Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta that is powered by the iconic V12 engine was highly valued and expensive when it debuted – over $2 million for the basic package. Remarkably, even a secondhand version carries an exorbitant cost now, which has practically doubled since it arrived on the scene around 10 years ago. Are you aware, though, that repairing its carbon fibre monocoque will set the owner back more than one million dollars?

More finely, the cost of Eurospares’ monocoque tub was listed as a hefty £941,598.77 – surprisingly close to the price of two new Ferrari SF-90 Stradale supercars, or roughly one-third of the cost of a used LaFerrari at present.

This website features a range of components for the LaFerrari Aperta, including bumpers, rims, floor mats, doors, wheel, and headliner. As well, they have engine pieces available, like the crankshaft which is listed at $2,902.75. Every cylinder head can be acquired for $2,725.33 while a full gearbox has a price tag of $106,248.95.

For those lucky enough to afford the acquisition of LaFerrari, the cost of replacement parts should be less of a worry than for us everyday folks. That said, if you’re still trying to uncover the explanation why these exotics rarely get many miles on them, this could be it.

However, the LaFerrari undoubtedly stands out from Ferrari’s other remarkable cars. Just 710 were produced between 2013 and 2018, including 210 open-top versions. It was also the first of the brand’s fully hybridized supercars due to its innovative pairing of an electric engine and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS).

The LaFerrari’s prestigious designation as Ferrari’s flagship model is to be bestowed upon the upcoming F250. Leaked photos taken earlier this year hint toward its design containing a strong resemblance to that of the Chevrolet Corvette. It’s predicted to make its debut to the public in 2024, possibly signifying the phasing out of the iconic V12, which has been recognized worldwide as one of the preeminent performance engines.

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