Revamp Your Ferrari 296 GTB with Zacoe’s GTZ Widebody Kit

Zacoe’s Alteration: Baby Fezza Transformed with Factory-Rated 819 hp Look

The introduction of the Ferrari 296 GTB left no doubt that its allure was a delicate quality that deepens as one’s admiration for the vehicle grows – however, Zacoe has disregarded this entirely with their GTZ widebody kit. The title, which stands for “Gran Turismo di Zacoe,” draws inspiration from one of the most revered icons in racing, the Ferrari 250 LM, among other sources. When referencing a car of such prestige, it is crucial to deliver, and Zacoe seems to have done their due diligence.

In reality, the alterations have reached a considerable extent to reach the bottom part diffuser, which has been substituted with a complex assembly incorporating a strategically positioned gap. This is believed to smoothly direct the airflow into the initial design.

Zacoe has drawn comparisons between its design and that of F1 cars, and we can certainly see the similarities.

The air dam at the front has been upgraded with splitters featuring fins inspired by the SF-24 Formula 1 car. These additions are designed to optimize the airflow over the wheels, aiding in the reduction of brake temperatures. To further aid in achieving this objective, dual-layer side skirts have been implemented, connecting the vented front fenders and bumper-wide carbon panels to the rear widebody panels which also incorporate brake cooling vents. Additionally, the side air intakes have been enlarged to improve heat management and overall performance. The use of carbon fiber is prominent throughout the design, extending dramatically to the fender extensions and ducktail spoiler, taking inspiration from the classic Fezza 250 GTO. Canards have also been added at the rear, along with a vented hood at the front, all in support of Zacoe’s assurance of increased efficiency in every aspect of the supercar’s aerodynamics.

The cost for the GTZ widebody kit has not yet been disclosed, but in this category, that is of little consequence. When it comes to altering the appearance of a 819-horsepower luxury sports car to reflect its power, what truly matters is your personal preference for this kit compared to other options – and there are limited alternatives available.

One of the earliest arrivals to the celebration was Mansory, and in addition to its unconventional approach to enhancing aesthetics, the tuner also implemented a power increase for the V6 coupe. Soon after, Maranello joined in with its own heavily modified 296, although it can only be experienced on the racetrack. Adding to the lineup, Novitec and Vossen recently revealed their interpretation of the GTB. As expected, Novitec once again strikes the perfect balance between singular style and thoughtful moderation, while also boosting the horsepower to an impressive 856.

In the end, the decision rests with the person themselves; however, if it were our money, we would know exactly where to invest it.

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