Students Customize Nissan Rogue & Skyline R34: Future Looks Bright

Face-Swapping Fun with Cute Builds

The fantastic Nissan Automotive Technical College has gifted its students with the opportunity of working on some remarkable Nissan cars, including the overhaul of a Fairlady Z earlier this year. As 2020 winds down to an end, these pupils are now back with no fewer than three custom builds that include a Rogue, a R34 Skyline sedan, and a Cube.

The Nissan Rogue Elgrand Glassier, a custom build designed to bring people together, is the perfect off-roader for a family of six. With chrome delete, blacked-out wheels, and a roof rack, the students also added 1.57 inches of ride height to help clear rough terrain. To give the vehicle an ethereal look, it has been finished in a combination of green and orange – the green evoking the light of early dawn, and the orange featured on the lip spoilers, side steps, and interior trimmings.

The students had a vision of “building a bridge between past and present” when they set out to customize the Nissan Cube, nicknamed Seto. The end result was an exciting face swap between the Cube and a classic Bluebird sedan, with four round LED lights. They wanted to create a daughter or sister for the Elgrand Glassier, so they added a roof box and a light navy color to the body. To complete the look, the team joined the fender and hood using a combination of welding and putty modeling for exact adjustments.

If you have not heard of the nameplate, then that is understandable, since the Cube had only a fleeting presence in American auto marketplaces due to its inadequate sales, given that Americans are not all too keen on small cars.

Fourth-year students at the Nissan Automobile Technical College Kyoto engineered two distinct builds in a span of six months as part of the curriculum for their Mechanics & Customization Course. The Rogue and Cube salvation projects were born!

“The third custom car is based on a Nissan R34 Skyline sedan, built with the concept of ‘a vehicle like Adonis, who everyone will fall for.’ Adonis Skyline has kept its graceful curves, while the bodywork painted in Adonis White has been widened by about 1.96 inches. The students gave the dashboard panel surfaces a makeover to create a more comfortable atmosphere.”

Students of the Nissan Automobile Technical College in Aichi, currently in their 3rd year of the Mechanic and Car Body Master Course, recently spent almost three months crafting an impressive sedan.

Students of Nissan will feature their custom-made car models at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, exhibiting side-by-side with wilder extreme concept automobiles engineered by Nissan plus an exclusive Autech-customized edition of the Rogue.

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