Rimac Creates Autonomous Robotaxi in 2021

The Nevera Electric Hypercar: Built by Same Company?

Rimac, the firm that attained global acclaim due to its Nevera hypercar, is now preparing to explore new areas. The vehicle manufacturer is growing into a more mass-market mobility enterprise with their Project 3 Mobility scheme.

Rimac is set to launch a self-driving robotaxi as a pilot model at the beginning of 2021, with commercial services expected to hit the roads in 2026. Although details about the project are scarce, Autocar has reported that Rimac has confirmed Kia’s involvement in the development of the robotaxi. Mate Rimac, the founder and CEO of Rimac, stated to the publication that the company’s goal is to “change the lives of more people” by offering eco-friendly and accessible urban transportation.

Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac Automobili, has unveiled plans for a revolutionary robotaxi. According to Rimac, the vehicle will have the ability to “operate without human input”. To make this vision a reality, the company has laid out a comprehensive plan that includes the development of supporting infrastructure such as chargers, storage hubs, and parking spaces. Explaining the concept, Rimac said: “It’s a car, but a completely different type.”

Rimac has taken a rather subtle approach to introducing their robotaxi. This is all part of their plan to make sure they don’t “underdeliver.” Project 3 is a separate entity from both Rimac and Bugatti, and is part of the Rimac Group.

Source: Autocar

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