Scooters Rimac Creates Robotaxi Scooters with Hypercar Knowledge

Project Launch: Coming in Early 2021

Earlier this year, Rimac plans to showcase a self-driving robotaxi and have it become commercially accessible by 2026. This project however, will progress under another name, which is beneath Rimac’s leader and with aid from Kia – Project 3 Mobility. The reports of Kia’s assistance come as no shock since they are in conjunction with Hyundai to develop sports cars.

Mate Rimac, founder and CEO, told Autocar that the idea behind this robotaxi project is to “alter the lives of more people” by making electromobility more accessible. The publication reported that the robotaxi will be able to operate without any human input and will be supported by the infrastructure created by Rimac, such as chargers, storage hubs, and parking spaces.

The Rimac Nevera may not have any design similarities with the upcoming robotaxi, as it has been described as “a car but a completely different type” than what is typically seen on the roads. This could be akin to the Audi urbansphere concept, which emphasizes interior spaciousness. However, for the time being, all that can be done is speculate based on the scant details available.

Mate Rimac has declared that the project “could change the way people move around cities” and that the service would be premium but not necessarily “expensive or posh.” What this implies is yet to be determined, however, before that can happen, a functioning prototype must be developed.

Mate, the CEO of Project 3, has announced plans to build a dedicated robotaxi factory in Croatia. “Our aim is to have the production of vehicles and a great number of components based in Croatia, with the intention of exporting tens of thousands of units annually to the locations where the robotaxi service will be offered,” Mate declared in a statement.

A demonstration scheme in Zagreb, the political epicenter of Croatia, is determined to prove that the technology makes sense, with various metropolises from Europe and the Middle East conversing to introduce the service by 2026.

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