Rivian R2 Set to Feature Built-In Movie Projector in 2026 Model’s Rooftop Tent

Rivian Sells 68K R2 Reservations in One Day, with Added Incentive for 2026 Release

Recently announced, the charming Rivian R2 is set to make its debut with quirky aesthetics, a desirable cost, and enjoyable elements such as a film projector incorporated in the available rooftop shelter.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Brian Gase, Senior Director of special projects and prototypes at Rivian, announced that the upcoming budget-friendly Rivian model will feature a cinema projector installed in its ‘Treehouse’ – the company’s term for the rooftop tent. It will draw power from one of the car’s existing energy sources.

The compact rooftop tent is contained within a black ‘hardshell’ that opens upwards, providing easy accessibility. An added convenience feature of the Treehouse is the projector’s roll-down screen, situated near the window of the tent. Among its other desirable features are interior lighting and a built-in fan.

Rivian intends to begin transporting the R2 in the initial six months of 2026. During this time frame, the company will focus on reducing the price of the shelter while ensuring its standard remains high.

In the previous year, CarBuzz discovered a patent that had been filed by Rivian for a movable film projector. The application displayed a compact contraption that could be conveniently stored in the Gear Tunnel, leading us to speculate that this distinctive feature may be added to their larger vehicles, namely the R1T and R1S.

According to Gase, the main concern is the cost. He stated, “You can admire the product and think ‘wow, that’s amazing,’ but if you’re adding a pricey tent to a product that is meant to be affordable, then it defeats the purpose.”

Rivian is setting its sights on a starting price of $45,000 for the R2, positioning it in direct competition with the Tesla Model Y. Despite the Tesla’s lower cost and widespread popularity, Rivian may appeal to consumers in search of a rugged and proficient off-road vehicle. The addition of unique features such as the Treehouse only strengthens this perception.

In addition, the car manufacturer plans to release extra merchandise targeting individuals who enjoy outdoor activities. These items will include a mobile kitchen and a storage unit specially designed to attach to the back of the automobile.

The unexpected affordability of the vehicle has resulted in an unexpected surge in demand. According to a post by X on March 8, CEO RJ Scaringe announced that Rivian has received an impressive 70,000 reservations for their new SUV. In a statement, the chief executive stated, “In under 24 hours, we have already received over 68,000 R2 reservations. We are delighted to see such a strong response from our community for this vehicle!”

Prospective buyers are required to submit a refundable deposit of $100 in order to secure a reservation for the R2. This indicates a high level of demand for the vehicle.Interested parties are expected to pay a deposit of $100, which can be refunded, to reserve the highly sought-after R2. This demonstrates the significant level of interest surrounding the vehicle.In order to reserve the coveted R2, interested individuals must pay a refundable fee of $100. This serves as a strong indication of the immense interest in the R2 model.

In the event that $45,000 is deemed unaffordable, Rivian recently unveiled the more budget-friendly R3 and R3X. While these smaller-sized crossovers may not possess the same level of potential as their larger counterparts, they are expected to come at a lower price point than the R2 and R1 variants, although an exact cost has yet to be determined.

We are absolutely blown away by the incredible reaction to our latest models: the R2, R3, and R3X. In just under a day, we have received over 68,000 reservations for the R2 alone. It warms our hearts to witness such enthusiasm and support from our loyal followers! pic.twitter.com/tEIBhwlJQC

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