Rotten Jaguar E-Type: Today’s Saddest Sight

1970s Jag Series 2 – 31K Miles

At some point in the late 1970s, an individual opted to deposit this Series 2 Jaguar E-Type. An apparent registration sign seen through its misty windshield displays 1978, with a mere 31,499 miles on the odometer. We are unsure as to why it was parked, yet time has not treated this neglected classic kindly. Rather than deeming it a barn find, this is more suitably characterized as a graveyard discovery.

The IMSTOKZE YouTube channel uncovered an automobile in the UK, and it’s heartbreaking to witness – even if you’re not a Jaguar aficionado. As the camera draws nearer, we can tell the exterior of the car has quite a lot of rust and wear-and-tear. What’s more, its roof is absent, inflicting a distressing outing at the interior. Nature has taken grip, with mould and moss apparent on many of the surfaces, nevertheless, it’s corrosion that truly pierces our heartstrings. Holes in the ground make clear that this motor vehicle has decayed to the base.

The news underneath the hood isn’t very encouraging, making it difficult to open due to corroded and ruined hinges. The six-cylinder motor is still found sandwiched between dramatically oxidized shock absorbers. Whether or not it has operated in the last 40 years is unascertainable, but at the very least this has not happened recently. Fortunately, no such misfortunes with can be seen when examining the oil dipstick which smoothly extracts, revealing an apparently pristine pan of lubricant. Alternately, everywhere else, it might as well be disintegrating into dust right where it rests.

According to the video, this vehicle was part of a collection that belonged to someone who had recently passed. No specific location is disclosed, implying that the cars in the vicinity are about to be moved as the area necessitates room for various building works. It is yet unclear whether these structures are to be demolished or remodeled and what the results would be for the E-Type, as well as the other automobiles.

An untrained eye may see this classic Jaguar as merely another car headed to the junkyard. Even a devoted admirer of such vehicles would struggle giving any good reasons for its recovery. The corrosion present everywhere might have exceeded any chance of saving this iconic auto. Nevertheless, everything is feasible and, according to a few of the commenters in respective movie featuring this car, parts for an E-Type restoration are at the ready. Besides, it appears this vehicle has both its engine and gearbox intact.

Provide input and let us know your outlook on resurrectioning this 46-year-old Jaguar in the remarks. Is bringing back this E-Type a worthwhile endeavor?

Source: IMSTOKZE / YouTube

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