Rowan Experiences Toyota’s GR Yaris H2 at Goodwood

Rowan Atkinson: Actor & Car Lover

This week, the renowned Rowan Atkinson appeared at Goodwood in order to express his endorsement for different fuels by piloting a uniquely upgraded Toyota GR Yaris H2. The actor fans are familiar with as Mr. Bean is an avid car aficionado and a steadfast backer of the internal combustion motor.

The Toyota GR Yaris H2 Concept was specially crafted for the Goodwood exhibition. As per Atkinson, despite its stock turbocharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder motor, the control system has been revised to guarantee the car operates on hydrogen fuel. This does not involve a fuel cell contraption; rather hydrogen is directly applied into the engine for internal combustion.

Atkinson, who owns a regular GR Yaris, found the hydrogen-powered hot hatch “tremendous fun.” He lauded Toyota and Formula One for their efforts to keep the internal combustion engine alive by using clean, renewable fuels. Toyota is constructing a GR H2 Le Mans prototype to compete on hydrogen fuel in 2026. As for Formula One, they will be adopting hybrid powertrains powered by sustainable fuels in the same year.

An early adopter of electric car technology, Atkinson holds a degree in electrical and electronic engineering. However, he has become quite vocal in his criticism of electric cars, so much so that he penned an article for the Guardian in which he expressed feeling “duped” by the industry. In the piece, he suggested that companies should consider other fuel sources, such as hydrogen, as a way to make the internal combustion engine more sustainable.

Sir Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1 and the Toyota GR Yaris, recently expressed his opinion that electric cars are not the “environmental panacea” they are often claimed to be. Despite this, he still has a deep admiration for electric vehicles and their potential. His own car collection is an impressive array of machines, including the GR Yaris, McLaren F1, Lancia Delta Integrale HF, and Acura NSX.

When the Toyota GR Yaris was unveiled, it supplied Toyota with an intense hot hatch to combat both the Subaru WRX and Volkswagen GTI. Its 1.6-liter engine has the ability to yield 257 horsepower right from the box, but also stands its ground as a really tough powerplant that can be tuned for up to 741 horsepower while still preserving the initial crankshaft, pistons, and rods.

Source: Toyota

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