Rusty Ford Barn Find Sells for $152K

Australia’s Coveted 1970 XY Falcon GT
This Barn Find XY GT has been garaged for almost 50 years!

Overseas observers may be unaware of the boxy shape of the XY-series Ford Falcon, but the distinctive shaker hood scoop is a common symbol of something powerful underneath. Here is a unique 1970 XY Falcon GT, just taken out of an uncomfortable garage beneath a home where it had been left for nearly 50 years. Despite close to half a century in storage, this classic went for a total of $152,000 at auction, covered in both dust and grime. auction house recorded the discovery of this particularly distinctive Falcon model. Ford began its creation process for around 1500 of these cars in 1970, which is also the make year of this vehicle. According to the auction details, this might be an early version used by Ford as a test car. It features an original 351 cubic-inch (5.8-liter) V8 engine with a manual gearbox and a factory-installed sunroof. Back in the day, its power output was stated at 300 horsepower. However, like so many other classic muscle cars, it is usually assumed that this figure is underestimated.

The video reveals the remarkable tightness of the vehicle’s fit after being left untouched for decades. Initially, it was in Ford’s possession for a year before being sold to a Ford employee who held onto it for another year. In 1979, the car was passed onto its most recent owner who parked it under his house. The reason for this was because he had acquired a company car for his new job and eventually, the years rolled by.

This hence brings us to the imminent 2023. That Falcon’s external is obviously in need of some assistance. As can be seen in the footage, the bodywork destruction on the rear right hand door has been patched up but evidently not with eternal longevity, with several other oxidation blemishes found sporadically across the saloon. On the contrary, the cabin is deemed to be in very good (albeit dirt-ridden) shape, and even after all this time there still stands the authentic jack in the boot. The odometer reads 65,278 miles while the engine state stays unknown.

One of the most desired muscle cars Down Under, the XY Falcon, is currently receiving attention from around the world. Even amongst those passionate about cars, they are willing to pay a hefty price to get their hands on one. In 2021, an exceedingly rare 1971 XY Falcon GTHO model GT sedan went for a total of one million dollars in a notable auction.


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