Say Goodbye To NYC’s Crown Vics

Final Days of the Last Two in Service

Ford’s renowned Crown Victoria has, for years, been one of the most iconic cabs to traverse the avenues and boulevards of New York City – but a new epoch is dawning, as the Crown Vic is being rapidly phased out from circulation in the Big Apple.

Over the past few years, V8-driven American saloons have been replaced by more fuel-efficient Toyotas, such as the Sienna and Prius. While a couple of Crown Vics still linger on New York’s roads, there is an impending sense that these two will be removed imminently.

After an extended period of service, the final two Ford Crown Victoria taxis originally brought in back in 2011 and 2013 have finally outlasted their welcome in the city. According to the regulations of the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), cabs are not approved for use after a period of seven years. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorization of these older taxis was stretched, granting them the ability to remain on the roads for a longer amount of time.

At the present time, those in command of the most recent two Ford Crown Vics have been summoned to appear at a hearing pertaining to their aging taxis.

It is yet to be determined what the consequences of the TLC hearing are; however, if matters proceed poorly for yellow cab taxi operators, their permits could be withdrawn and they may endure a penalty fee of $500.

Haroon Abdullah’s 2013 Crown Vic has seen 491,000 miles of travel over its lifespan. Ravinder Sharma, 64, is the proud owner of another Crown Victoria and has logged an impressive 550,000 miles in his. Sharma is set to retire in a few months and hopes to be able to drive his beloved Ford until then. “I’m thinking if they allow me to drive, I drive. If not, I did 35 years,” he said with a smile.

Abdullah is desiring to exchange his Crown Victoria for a contemporary Sienna, yet he is having difficulty locating funds to pay the initial installment.

It is genuinely regrettable that the TLC is terminating the Crown Victoria, since the body-on-frame Ford is renowned to be one of the strongest vehicles money can purchase.

While both cabs navigated through the state examination, both Abdullah and Sharma were aware that their taximeters would be impounded once the antiquated vehicles were submitted for their taxi checks.

“The Crown Victoria will be missed,” said Jason Kersten, a spokesperson for the Taxi and Limousine Commission. “However, as it was with the Model Ts, Checkers, and Caprices before them, their final act of safety must be a well-earned retirement, so they have to be taken off the road.”

The presence of hybrids in New York City is becoming more and more common; yet they may be superseded by exclusively electric automobiles sooner rather than later. Just recently, a cab company has added the Mustang Mach-E as its all-electric option and is looking into introducing a Model Y to its fleet in the near future.

By 2030, each operates Uber and Lyft car in the locale must be completely electric powered. The control of both ride-hailing firms is performed by TLC so it will be intriguing to observe if a matching regulation applies to the metropolitan’s large yellow cab fleet.

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