Score Classic Autos: Abandoned Cars & Trucks For Sale

Dig for Vintage Metal in a Texas Field
Eye on the Highway. "Marks Collection", Neglected Classics For Sale.

Nestled near Whitesboro, Texas lies an overgrown field of some almost thirty majestic vintage cars and trucks. Unfortunately, the effects of time are slowly encasing them in rust – yet these same vehicles are still up for grabs! Though do not forget that the battle against nature will be a tough one to win.

A tour of the Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classics YouTube channel’s facility reveals a plethora of pickups, primarily Chevys. The brand’s third-generation C/K series trucks, often referred to as “square bodies,” have become highly sought after by collectors, resulting in prices that can be quite steep. A 2021 Hemmings article reported that the average cost for an average-condition square body is between $16,000 and $18,000, with pristine models reaching prices of up to $35,000. Furthermore, Bring a Trailer sales results demonstrate that many of these vehicles have sold for more than $20,000. Although none of the square bodies at the facility are in excellent condition, many could still be used as parts donors or the basis for a restoration project.

No shortage of pre-owned Chevy trucks can be found at this location, ranging from those produced in the 1950s to those of more recent generations. Despite them being prized collectibles, many are regrettably seen in a state of disrepair with massive amounts of corrosion.

One of the most exhilarating cars in the bunch is a 1960 Chevy El Camino. The auto in this pack is missing its front hood, but there is, however, a dilapidated cab and loading bed left over. The image under portrays the truck’s glance in better condition. These designs are also characterized by the same outward fins as some of the firm’s sedan models from that model year.

The Mercury Capri (pictured below) is another standout of this collection. Sadly, the videographer isn’t quite as enamored of this vehicle as we are and passes by it several times. Despite gaining a following among enthusiasts in Europe, the model never truly gained any traction in the US, being at the time sold through the Lincoln-Mercury dealer network.

It constantly astonishes us to view automobiles and lorries forlornly corroding away. No matter the decade, typically a vehicle represents a noteworthy cost for a person. Regrettably, the things that once brought joy appear derelict today. How many of these models could you recognize? If any, which one would you take with you? Share your notions in the comments portion below!

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