See Akira Nakai Create RWB’s Rubystone Porsche 964 Widebody

Witnessing the Grand Master’s Wonder

At a Street Race Solutions event in Queensland, Australia, Akira Nakai, the creator and proprietor of the renowned Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche tuning firm, gave the public a glimpse of his expertise when he worked on a Porsche 964 in Rubystone Red. Dubbed the “Stargazer” build, it was an impressive display of Nakai’s talents.

The vehicle was given all of the hallmark design elements associated with RWB Porsches; including prominently flared wheel arches, iconic RWB front and rear bumpers, distinct custom RWB wheels, coupled with a multi-leveled wing. Additionally, it was outfitted with some front canards, vents adorned with meshing, plus its signature RWB windshield decal for good measure.

RWB Australia Build #14 Stargazer 964 Porsche // Full Build 4K

The fitting process has been presented on Street Race Solutions’ YouTube channel. It reveals Nakai-san completing the needed cuts and drilling to put together his fiberglass body sets. Two aides were aiding him, nonetheless he undoubtedly assumed mastery over each job so that all RWB vehicles are still created by him alone. Amazingly, Nakai-san will only create a single RWB Porsche for each customer.

The footage doesn’t precisely portray the duration it took for Nakai-san and his group to construct the 964 build, however typically, it is a period of 20-25 hours over two days. This was the second Porsche 911 that they worked on at the occasion. The other being a chic-looking 997 sixth-gen variant, which obtained a less conspicuous looking spoiler.

Certain traditionalists might not care for what Nakai-san executes, or even the fact that he cuts up Porsches (without measuring first at all), however nobody can quibble with his extreme authority and talent for bodywork and styling for motorcars. Thanks to having broader wheels and tougher tires fitted on them, these 964s propel much better than the antiquated models, which has been proven in a spin around the Nurburgring with a turbocharged variation.

Many other tuning organizations could benefit from gaining insight into Nakai-san’s approach to creating an authentically original appearance that exceeds existing style expectations. It goes without saying that we are not referring to the flashy carbon fiber vehicles crafted by Mansory.

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