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Brabham Automotive Calls it Quits after Only Six Years in the Industry

Establishing a car company in the modern era is an exceedingly difficult task. It requires substantial financial backing, a well-crafted business strategy, and a stroke of good fortune. However, despite these challenges, Brabham Automotive, the manufacturer of bespoke supercars that was established in 2018, has become the most recent automotive brand to call it quits.The 21st century has brought with it significant changes and advancements in the automotive industry. With increasing competition and constantly evolving technology, starting a successful automaker has become an arduous undertaking. It demands not only a considerable amount of money but also a thorough and solid business plan, and even then, luck might still play a crucial role in determining success.In 2018, Brabham Automotive was launched with great enthusiasm and high hopes. However, after just a few years, the company has announced its closure. Despite having a promising lineup of low-production, high-performance supercars, the brand was unable to sustain itself in the highly competitive market.But why did Brabham Automotive fail? Some may argue that it was simply a matter of bad luck. After all, in such a cutthroat industry, even the most meticulously planned businesses can fall prey to uncontrollable factors beyond their control. Others may

David Brabham, who co-founded the company and is the youngest son of racing icon Jack Brabham, revealed on Instagram that he and Fusion Capital, the financial backers of the business, have parted ways and shut down operations. As a result, the BT62 supercar will no longer be produced.

Brabham Automotive made its grand entrance into the market in 2018 with its debut product, the BT62. This vehicle boasted impressive aerodynamics that generated a whopping 2,646 pounds of downforce, surpassing its own weight of 2,143 pounds. Its power was derived from a naturally aspirated 5.4-liter V8 engine that packed a punch of 700 horsepower and 492 pound-feet of torque. Anticipating high demand, the company set a sales target of 70 units, with prices beginning at an approximate value of $1.35 million per car.

Continuing its success with the track car, Brabham revealed the BT62R in 2020 as a road-legal version of the BT62. While bearing a strong resemblance to its performance-driven counterpart, this model boasted a more sound-reducing exhaust, air conditioning, adjustable suspension, and a heated windscreen. While not designed for long distance travel, the BT62R still offered a higher level of comfort compared to the track-exclusive version.

The precise number of vehicles produced under the modern incarnation of Brabham remains unknown. However, it is confirmed that a certain quantity were finalized and delivered to customers.

David Brabham is not ruling out the potential for these vehicles to make a comeback. “With the termination of the brand license for Automotive, it creates opportunities for future ventures in motorsport, automotive, and heritage industries,” he stated on his Instagram account. Therefore, there is still a glimmer of hope.

Source: David Brabham via Instagram

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