Skoda’s Complicated Trunk: Unnecessary Innovation?

Open Trunk or Tailgate on 2nd Gen Superb
Skoda Superb Twin Door Explained

After a 52-year break, Skoda brought back the “Superb” name in 2001 with the initial iteration of its modern flagship. It was fundamentally a stretched Volkswagen Passat (B5), and even got the VW badge in China where it was sold as the Passat Lingyu. The second generation model arrived in 2008 and was much more interesting. Apart from the wagon version, the sedan was also designed as a hatchback/liftback.

As the 2024 Superb has been revealed, we are reminded of the TwinDoor feature available in the Mk2 model. At the time Volkswagen Group showed a greater commitment to creativity and backed their engineers’ abilities to introduce distinctive hardware. Indeed, the Superb offered two separate options for the rear opening- the entire tailgate could be opened or just the boot lid.

So, what did the process look like? Firstly, you needed to unlock the car and then press the button located near the underside of the tailgate cylinder. If lifting the entire back-end was desired, an additional button had to be pushed which was beside the one mentioned above. Performing this action would cause the third brake light on the car to flash twice. Last but not least, the first button had to be pressed once more while simultaneously raising the tailgate.

The Superb Combi’s license plate opening was strategically incorporated into the tailgate, but its placement was lower on the bumper for the liftback model. In an interview conducted for the official Skoda website, Zdeněk Cibulka, who was the exterior designer of the Mk2 version, elucidated the uncommon arrangement:

“The rear pillars and the whole back end were the basis of this plan. I also had to create the opening for the double-operated bonnet [trunk/tailgate], and we spent a long time pondering where to put the registration plate. Eventually, it was decided that it should be placed in the rear bumper, an unconventional solution. However, it greatly enhanced the look of the Superb.”

The TwinDoor was one of the only available options with the Superb Mk2, since the introduction of its successor – the hatchback model in 2015. However, its spacious profile was not lost due to the recently unveiled wagon variant. The Mk4 has received recognition for avoiding an overlap with the Passat’s market, as VW have chosen to forego with the sedan model and exclusively offer its mid-range car in wagon form.

Source: Skoda

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