Spy Photos of 2024 Skoda Superb Liftback/Estate Prototypes

Ready-to-Go: Thin Camo Wraps

Amid the swelling flood of Sports Utility Vehicles and crossovers, Skoda is maintaining their place with vehicles based on cars. To further demonstrate this, our photographers in Austria caught no less than 36 shots of two prototypes operating. These included an estate as well as a hatchback.

We wouldn’t criticise you for considering the fixed-roof variation captured in these images a sedan. Kudos to Skoda as the incoming Superb conceals its don’t-label-it-as-a-hatchback rear entrance within an elegant look that omits saloon atmosphere. One of the pictures shows the camouflaged prototype parked with the hatch open, offering us a slight view of the collapsible back chairs and an abundant capacity inside. The bonnet is also wide open, though we weren’t presented the opportunity to peek at the power plant.

If the camera angle was altered, we might observe the selection of two kinds of engine which would be either fuel or diesel and they wouldn’t measure more than two liters. Moreover, there should be a plug-in hybrid, though an entirely electric vehicle is not expected at this time. Furthermore, the updated MQB chassis from Volkswagen will be used for the Superb and it might only come as an automatic transmission, thus doing away with any manual versions.

This is, without a doubt, the greatest look that we’ve seen to date on this liftback, making it clear that the next model follows an evolutionary styling language. The main alterations are found at the front with an expanded octagonal grille, flanked by slim headlights and a sharpened chin featuring larger, upright corner vents. There will also be equivalent improvements to the rear lights; if we focus in on spy shots taken at the back of the vehicle, we can make out the shape of the lamps under the camouflage covering.

As for the estate edition, the taillights appear to have been enlarged, allowing them to be coordinated with the increased size of the rear end. Currently being tested while attatched to a trailer, the sloping roof displays its adaptability; it’s capable of functions ranging from a sturdy workhorse to an athletic station wagon. Furthermore, the prototype provides a brief preview of the Superb’s fresh dashboard that will come equipped with several electronic monitors. Additionally, the redesign should include a plentiful array of driver assistance technology and further components.

Recent clues coming from Skoda have indicated that the camouflage cover shall be taken away in autumn, thereby introducing the new Superb generation for the 2024 year model.

Source: Automedia

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