Sneak Peek of Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Revealed by Company for the First Time

Porsche’s Newest Extreme Electric Sedan Hits Market in a Week

Porsche has given us a sneak peek of a new high-performance version of the Taycan electric vehicle, offering a glimpse of its impressive silhouette to build anticipation for its upcoming debut next week. The automaker from Zuffenhausen has announced that the new EV, touted as “the most dynamic Taycan of all time,” will be unveiled on March 11 at 8 AM EST. The teaser image showcases a driver wearing a helmet and the car sporting a prominent rear wing, suggesting that this is the same Taycan that dominated the Tesla Model S Plaid on the Nurburgring. This feat was accomplished with a record-breaking time that was 18 seconds faster than the Model S Plaid and only three seconds behind the current EV record holder, the Rimac Nevera.

Several sightings of a powerful variant of the Taycan on the Nordschleife have been made, but there is scarce information available from official sources. According to recent reports, this high-end model will be known as the Taycan Turbo GT and is expected to generate a whopping 1,000 horsepower. It is yet to be determined if this immense power will be delivered by two or three motors, however, it is not just the clever power distribution that will set this Taycan apart.

In addition to the visibly apparent alterations such as the conspicuous rear spoiler, recent snapshots also expose more radical undercarriage aerodynamics. We anticipate customized suspension adjustments, carbon-ceramic brakes, and distinct wheels adorned with exceptionally adhesive rubber for each specific model.

As the release date draws near, car enthusiasts are highly anticipating the unveiling of the new model, which promises top-of-the-line Recaro seats and luxurious Alcantara and carbon fiber accents. Despite the diligent efforts of our sneaky insiders, no concrete photos of the interior have surfaced just yet. However, with just a short week left before the big reveal, the suspenseful waiting game will soon be over and all our guesses and predictions will finally be put to rest.

After showcasing the updated 2025 Taycan lineup last month and introducing the initial electric Macan just a few weeks prior, Porsche is making steady progress towards its electric vehicle goals. However, for those worried about an all-electric future, Porsche assures that it still has a ways to go and has dedicated substantial efforts towards developing various technologies to reduce the need for combustion engines.


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